The lovely, delightful Amie Taylor made me this FABULOUS bag as part of a “pay it forward” initiative over at Forever Always.


I absolutely love it!! It fits snugly over my shoulder – the perfect fit really!

If you want one for yourself, go visit Amie on her blog and then visit her bag store. Perfect for a Christmas or Birthday present. Tell her I sent you 🙂

And because I uploaded Forever Always Recipe Scrap into their gallery FIRST a couple of weeks ago, I also got a special little RAK from Amie.

I think I’ve gone overboard with the ribbon buying LOL. I completely blame Ngaire and Nicole.

And because Nicole knows the depths to which I struggle with the use of ribbon – with every purchase of the Monthly Ribbon Pack, you receive layout and card IDEAS!! Thanks Nicole (happy Paperific-ing!!)
And those cute chipboard bits are Petrina McDonald designs and she’s having a little challenge on her blog too.
{aren’t those flowers gorgeous! OMG what’s happening to me????}


Mackinley’s mouth has been moving! We’ve lost 3 so far which is a relief. I lost my baby teeth late, so at least I know how frustrating it was for him, watching all his mates lose them before he did.

And he had the day off on Monday (unspecified, general “unwellness” – yeah, right) so took him to the Barber down the road. Now he looks less like a neglected child.

binocular obsession
Don’t worry, Rainer hasn’t totally given up his Thunderbirds LOL.

Following from the fantastic display at the Museum, Michael decided to buy Rainer and Mackinley a pair of real binoculars each!!! Best gift ever!
Rainer loves saying ‘LOOK’ and Mackinley just does goofy stuff at the moment.

All is busy busy busy in the Scott house. Lodged my passport application and am off soon to meet Michael in Denver for some RnR time with my beloved. I’m busy cooking/baking/freezing all of Rainer’s food so Mum and Nena don’t freak too much. I really want to do at least SOME scrapping this weekend. Bon’s Boy Kit is begging me to use and abuse it!!

If anyone’s been to Denver before, would love some inside info! Email me at and I will be forever in your debt!!

brighter and buoyant….

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2 thoughts on “bag~RAK~ribbon~tooth

  1. Denver!!! Lucky you, have a whole lot of fun sweetie.TYour new goodies look yummy Gigi, enjoy playing wiht those.Love the tooth-less photo, he is too cute.

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