I’m an artist born and bred in Brisbane, living amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature in my home studio. Surrounded by my loved ones, I’ve been fortunate to inherit my mother’s incredible talent for dressmaking and embroidery. As a child, I would while away the hours stitching clothes, embroidering delicate hankies, and knitting cozy blankets and scarves. Those crafty pursuits became a cherished part of my life, and my sisters and I would eagerly dive into all sorts of creative projects during our holiday breaks. This love for crafting soon spilled over into my school years, where I discovered a deep passion for printmaking and collage. Realism never quite captured my imagination; instead, I was drawn to capturing the very essence of a moment or an object.

After six years and countless clerical jobs, destiny led me on an adventure across Europe and North America. It was during this eye-opening journey that my artistic ardor reignited like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I made a vow to myself: once I returned, I would pursue art and art history at the university level. But as fate would have it, life steered me toward secondary teaching, and I flourished in that role for nearly two decades. Amidst the whirlwind of raising my two boys, a magical discovery entered my life: scrapbooking. Before I knew it, my work was being published both in Australia and the United States. This newfound passion gradually led me down a path of mixed-media artistry and the expressive realm of art journaling, reigniting the creative flame within me.

The world of art that captivated me resided online, and to this day, I find myself gravitating towards this vibrant digital realm. My artistic style became a tapestry woven with the threads of collage, paint, found objects, and poetry, all infused with a whimsical and delightfully naive charm. Every workshop I joined became a stepping stone, propelling me forward, boosting my skill set, and instilling a profound sense of confidence. Even as I resumed my teaching career, I never abandoned my creative endeavors, consistently showcasing my work in exhilarating group exhibitions.

In 2017, I made the audacious leap, dedicating myself entirely to my art, embracing the full-time artist’s life.

For me, artistic exploration knows no boundaries. It demands experimentation with every medium and subject matter under the sun. With fresh inspiration and wide-open eyes, I’m able to breathe new life into timeless themes, infusing them with my own unique perspective. Though I find myself perennially drawn to botanical wonders and the captivating allure of portraiture, I shun realism in favor of a nonconformist approach. My creations exude a fusion of exuberant stylization and intricate collage, capturing the very soul of the subject matter.

My creative process is an alchemical blend, a melange of all the lessons and workshops that have shaped me. Like an artist’s own personal Frankenstein, I selectively pluck my favorite techniques and ideas, stitching them together into a magnificent whole. Sometimes, inspiration strikes like lightning, instantaneously illuminating my path. But more often than not, it’s a journey that unfolds over months, with a series gradually taking shape. Each piece I create is an irreplaceable gem, meticulously handcrafted and brimming with authenticity, preserving its innate freshness and originality.

As an artist, I thrive on constant evolution. I refuse to confine myself to the boundaries of a single genre for too long. Like an insatiable bibliophile, I devour the fascinating lives and artistic practices of my fellow artists. Their stories embolden me and empower me to chart my own artistic course, unafraid to push the boundaries of my own creativity.

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  1. Hi Giovanna – Last night I was blessed to receive a print from your collection from a very special friend of mine for my 40th birthday. The quote “She felt a desire to do good things” really spoke to me and I just love the colours in the picture. Thank you for doing something different and inspiring.


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