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An amateur wine-drinker, chocolate-eater, indie-pop-listener and beach-lover.

In my art exploration, I’ve dabbled in many styles and mediums. I started with collage and mixed media; moved on to pastels, then printmaking, and watercolours. I have dug and delved, and with a couple of years of exploration behind me, I have found the most satisfaction in painting with acrylics and sometimes pastels. The printmaking feeds my love of abstraction and the stylised form.

In the early years, my time was split between dabbling in art and design at nights, and working in an office and later as a high school Teacher during the day. A brief period of art making had to give way to the raising of a family, and the need for a more stable income as a Teacher. Fortunately, I’ve returned to the studio full-time and renewed my passion for creating.

My work has now been displayed in several competitions and exhibitions, both abstract and impressionist. I’ve also had the privilege to complete many commissions.

I paint a variety of topics but people and places are my favourite. I’m also an avid nature lover – always with a vase of flowers in the house or loose branches and leaves on my bench; these elements feature somewhere in every painting.

I want to create something so layered and detailed that the viewer discovers something new in each moment.

I’m available for commission work and developing a mixed media class for your shop or retreat. Get in touch via the contact form below, or email directly at hello@giovannascott.com.


  1. Hi Giovanna – Last night I was blessed to receive a print from your collection from a very special friend of mine for my 40th birthday. The quote “She felt a desire to do good things” really spoke to me and I just love the colours in the picture. Thank you for doing something different and inspiring.


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