Market Days

New-found love for indoor markets. Loved getting to know my locals who came out to support Home Based Businesses. Re-connected with beautiful women who I had known in a previous lifetime. Their stalls were right next to mine. Serendipity!!! Thanks to our hard-working local business owners who fronted up and enjoyed the spectacular weather! Hope weContinue reading “Market Days”

And we’re Live People!

Oh happy days…. The Christmas Canvas Class is live!!! I’ve been very slack with the Christmas Card List in recent years. I’ve wanted to do something “handmade” but found 50-odd handmade cards so time consuming and a little “last century” for my liking. I came up with this handy-dandy canvas that is mega-3D and chock-fullContinue reading “And we’re Live People!”

Sex plus Meat & Potatoes

Okay, before you all dive for the Communication Ombudsman’s phone number just read this…. My Hubby is one clever man. Actually he is sometimes too clever and some would perceive it as arrogance (we’re an interesting pair). He can put his hand to anything (or his mind) and it turns to gold. He reads everythingContinue reading “Sex plus Meat & Potatoes”

Sunshine, Men and Dancing…

I told you I’ve been having a great week *wink* Here’s where you can purchase this series of originals: The Handmade Expo Ipswich Market Sunday 15th October 2011 IPSWICH TURF CLUB BRISBANE ROAD, BUNDAMBA 8am-2pm FREE ENRTY I’ll have something available for those who would like to purchase QUALITY PRINTS of these originals, but notContinue reading “Sunshine, Men and Dancing…”

too much too quickly

Yeah, I admit it …. in my desperate effort to get things moving the way I wanted them too, I completely forgot that other people (ie, you, dear followers) don’t think at the same speed as I do. *sigh* *change blog to wordpress (without much notice…lesson learned) *change name of blog (again, out of theContinue reading “too much too quickly”