Fragments Series

A great many of my favourite Artists use stimulus material to anchor a series of work; whether it be a memory, song, poem or location. The importance of what was meaningful about their time and place, their circumstances and joyful memories.

While completing an online course run by U.S. Artist and Academic Lendon Noe, I investigated the works of Australian poet Peter Goldsworthy. In Goldsworthy’s poem Nocturne, I found all of that.

The essence of a tropical evening storm is written so eloquently and reminds me of watching storms rolling in from Moreton Bay from my childhood home. The sound and smell of rain as it lulled me to sleep was deeply comforting.

In this series, I want to bring that essence of comfort, the essence of Goldsworthy’s poetic imagery onto paper. Incorporating some literal elements (braille paper, images of the flora from the creek banks around my home, texture), along with more intangible elements, to evoke a deep emotional response and connection to the brilliance of Nocturne. The fragments of the poem are gently nestled into each piece of work, jostling and evocative, vying for the viewer’s attention.

Fragments is a celebration of the sensory overload of a Summer’s evening.

Reworking a FRAGMENTS PIECE into something new
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