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Explore all that creativity you would like to reveal in yourself, or to display in your home.

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My style is always changing, so check back often. Current artworks are located in this secure, and easy-to-navigate platform.

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“I have many of Giovanna’s pieces around my house. The set of four she did when I started writing are a constant source of inspiration.”

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From free online offerings, to Masterclasses and in-person workshops, let me help you unlock that creativity.

What People Say

The care and excitement that Giovanna took to actually present the painting to me was delightful. As with any talented professional, it was abundantly clear that she knew what she was doing..the end gift of this family portrait was more than I wanted, a dimension that I did not have in my imagination and a true delight in colour and capture of personalities.

Marianne Kintzel

Workshops and Classes

I offer classes that successfully unblock your creative side. If you’ve ever though “I wish I could draw like that!” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” then these are your classes. I also cater to those of you who want to extend their existing Art Practice with my Masterclass.


“Draw Like an Artist”

A free online class. Think of it as a prerequisite to tapping into your hidden draw-ability.

Botanical Collage

Learn how to piece together an exciting and individual collage using ideas draw from “Draw Like an Artist” class. (Includes a bonus class on how to paint your own papers, and avoid sticky copyright issues).

Painterly Monotypes

Extend your Botanical Collages further using a monotype process and some loose brushwork.

Exclusive to Brisbane and Surrounds

Live Workshops

Feel like a quick couple of hours to experience collage? At Vend Marketplace’s fabulous workshop spaces, I’ll be running 2 hour “Collage Adventure” classes. Make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter to find out when they’re on.