Tired and grumpy

Scrapping with Ngaire NEVER makes me grumpy…..unless Tina forgets to make the Rocky Road!!!! Yep, NOTHING! I was expecting some delicious treat to gorge whilst listening to Ngaire’s dulcid tones and sniffing way too much StazOn, but was tragically disappointed.

It’s a good thing we all love you very much Tina.

Well, to be fair, the poor love did say she got in at 10pm the previous night and went straight to bed. I had to send Cherie to the shops for some Cherry Ripes – that’s right, couldn’t get myself into my own car and go to the shops – sent someone else PMSL…..I have no idea how I got away with that one.

Here’s what we did (sans chocolate)

This was me in fancy dress as Deborah Harry (Blondie) at AEIOU’s Trivia Night back in April. Hair, cleavage, nails, cheap wine. Nailed it!!!! LOL

Pics of Rainer last August (already in singlets, so hot last year). I altered one of this series for the “Looking Ahead” layout that Scrapbooking Memories published. He’s so adorable to photograph!!

The ribbon is from the delightful Nicole “The” Craft Queen. We miss her at Inkredible classes, but at least we still get to use her ribbon! and I swear I tend to only use her fabulous stuff!! (come back Nicole!! we MISS you!!)

Also entered Ngaire’s comp to win an online class with the fantastically talented Vivian Bonder. I absolutely ADORE Vivian (and when I grow up, want to be just like her -heh). Even if I don’t win, I might just do it anyway.

Now the tired bit…….
~new medicine for Rainer (Glutathione cream)
~paediatrician appt for Rainer’s Medicare subsidy numbers (but it’s never enough – sigh)
~AEIOU parent forum tonight (too tired to go, someone else can fight the good fight tonight – not me)
~hair appt with Sandra … FINALLY (congrats beautiful girl)
~looking at my boys and wondering what the hell they’ll turn out like

I always do that when I’m tired. Worry about my boys. I’m sure it’s just a “mummy” thing and the tiredness feeds the anxiety and visa-versa.

I’ve also concluded that I can’t be the friend that always rings, drops around, and comforts. I let it go for about a week (even longer for others) and I’m really surprised at the result. Some surprisingly nice, others surprisingly disappointing.

It probably sounds selfish, but I feel that I give for very little in return. Mum even said I have too much time for my friends and not enough time for myself. INTERESTING because Mum never says stuff like that to us. But I never thought of it like that.

Perhaps it’s time to let some of those friendships go the way of the Dodo. Maybe these people are worse than me, and I HAVE to be the one to ring.

I’m sure we ALL have friendships like this. How do we know when it’s the “end”??????

1. Bon’s visit (still working out details … pmsl)
2. Charmane’s first online class at Bon’s on Thursday night
3. Rainer speech therapy next Tuesday – oh yep, BIG lol
4. The C&K art show – taking the boys on my own at night time – taking photos??? haha
5. Chris’ 40th – again on my own, daytime BBQ – should be okay.

especially for Sheree McGee {mwah}

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

5 thoughts on “Tired and grumpy

  1. you make my world feel as though its normal …loli love your posts i dont always comment .. but i read (im usually in tears at the end of your posts and i just want to squeeze you …) your such a strong gorgeous dynamic woman .. see you at charms class.. cant wait..how lucky to do one of ngaires classes…(its a hard 1 to remember lmao) i have done 2 viv classes irl.. and the woman is not only talent but gorgeous..have fun chick… and the friend thing.. you work out along the way which ones are worth saving… when u work out u need to do that.. if that makes sense.

  2. Sweetie, sometimes you do have to step back and take time for you.If you are always giving but your friend is only taking and not returning, you need time for you. I have had to walk away from friendships because of this, it just gets you down.Your layouts are gorgeous as always sweetie.

  3. Gigi friends can be like that for sure and i know that i struggle with the same issues giving and them taking and yes you need to take time for you too.

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