While I prepare my class ideas for the new year, I want to share with you the link to my VIMEO Channel. I’ve uploaded many videos over the years, some are scrapbooking, some are Art Journaling, and some are more recent portraits and other mixed media artworks. Some have instruction and some are just sped-up with background music.

enjoy some…..

 Giovanna Scott on Vimeo.



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13th July 2013
The Scrap N Patch
Toowoomba QLD
9am and 2pm
$90 for 3 hours of schmoozing
IMG_4342 IMG_4348

Join me in the beautiful setting of Toowoomba in Queensland’s Darling Downs for 3 hours of mixed media explorations. Geared toward both beginners and more able Creatives, I will guide you through a range of techniques to complete TWO canvases.
While the instructions will be on how to use the many artistic mediums to achieve specific effects, you will be free to make your own choices with colour and images used.
To make a booking, contact The Scrap N Patch on (07) 4687 6888 : or email liz[at]scrapnpatch[dot]com[dot]au


Oh happy days….
The Christmas Canvas Class is live!!!

I’ve been very slack with the Christmas Card List in recent years. I’ve wanted to do something “handmade” but found 50-odd handmade cards so time consuming and a little “last century” for my liking.
I came up with this handy-dandy canvas that is mega-3D and chock-full of interesting techniques and yet more tips for better mixed media mayhem.
Not only can you display your mixed media canvas pride-of-place in your home, I have an excellent tip for transforming your masterpiece into stunning Christmas cards!!
Time is too short to sit and make 50 cards when you can do something once brilliantly and make 50 cards easily!

And all this for only $18.95 (seriously, don’t tell Hubby!)

I know you’re intrigued!!
Read THIS POST for the materials list. You don’t need any special “mixed media” stuff. You have most of this lying about the house, especially if you’re already arty-crafty.

Email me at gistcreative.aus[at]gmail[dot]com, and put CHRISTMAS in the subject line. I’ll send you an invoice and all the info on how to access this class.

I hope to see you in class real soon!


Strength & Beauty

Strength & Beauty Canvas

Class is open NOW for immediate access!
Almost one whole hour of mixed media mayhem, divided into 3 easily-digestible videos.

All this for…..

(due to WordPress restrictions, I’m not able to sell goods/services, hence the “donate” button LOL)

Click the PayPal button today, and you’ll receive a document with the supply list and some Considerations (nothing scary, just about sharing, etc).
Following that, you’ll receive the link and password to the classroom.
You will need to sign up to Vimeo ( to view and make comments as you go. Again, nothing scary, it just keeps all the comments and questions under each video. You know how I L-O-V-E organisation!!

I will visit the classroom daily to check up on you and answer any questions you may have.

When you’ve completed your masterpiece, I would love to see it and share it (let me know if you don’t want to share). Email it to gistcreative.aus[at]gmail[dot]com


6 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. anita tillman says:

    ok … I just found you through Charmaine on Facebook and I am so excited about your work i feel sick! (that is a good thing by the way)… can’t wait to give this a go and can’t wait to see what online classes you have coming up…? wowzers!

    • Giovanna Scott says:

      Hi Anita, thanks for dropping by!!! Sorry for the delay btw. The online class is open NOW and forever LOL. Just click on the paypal button and I’ll send you the links and password.

  2. Nicolee Cable says:

    hey Gigi….just paid for your class…..not sure where to go from here? Hope I didn’t get out of it too early……hmmmm 😀

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