Botanical Collage

The Botanical collage series was born of frustration and pain. After fracturing my wrist during a downhill roller skating mishap, I found it difficult to connect with any creative pursuit.

Around the same time an Instagram challenge called Squareathon was beginning and so I squared-up off-cuts of watercolour sheets and retrieved papers I’d hand printed 3 years before. Despite limited movement in my injured hand, I was able to cut, arrange, glue and paint my way into a practice again.

These collages are based on simple line drawings of pots and vases of leafy bits and pieces in my garden or online. The papers are hand printed using a mono printing technique with a gelatine plate and hand-cut stencils and stamps. Once the papers are used up, I can never get that precise texture or effect again, but a whole new batch is created for new collages.

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