One More…

Layout to share.

Bon’s Room of the Month Layout Challenge. I made them tissue paper flowers all by me-self…noice!!!

Lately, I find myself finishing the day’s housework when the boys are finally in their room, getting the jammies on and then pumping one of these babies out before I hit the sack or hubby comes home.

Very efficient munchkin 🙂

However, don’t be fooled. I have a MOUNTAIN of paperwork to complete and claims to lodge and promises to keep. I am in no way SUPERWOMAN, I am seriously flawed!!!!

Here is someone else who needs her head checked (LOL, sorry Bon, you know I love you, really!!)

You need to do a few things first, so head on over to her blog at BON’S and follow the instructions.
Too easy girls and a load of stuff to ogle.
I just gave away all my scraps to the Prep Room so I’m in desperate need of STASH!!! A great pack for beginner scrappers too {{wink}}.

I completed this at Blue Bazaar for their monthly Mixed Media Challenge
and made it as their Featured Artist on their newsletter!!
Feeling very honoured right now and a little bit of this…

p.s. “Carer’s Week” should be renamed, “Nobody be a Carer” week. Heard it was a serious let-down. I’m wondering if ANYONE is ever eligible for these services, or are they just having fun managing the funds??? Hmmmm….me wonders!!

4 thoughts on “One More…

  1. Peta says:

    they are LOVERLY flowers Gigi!!!! you are just amazing!!! and oooohhhh ahhhh I know some one famous – a "featured Artist"…. thats exciting news…. lots of happy things for you – and well deserved too 🙂

  2. Charmane says:

    wtg on being featured artist…. your mixed media piece looks fabulous!!! your layout is gorgeous too…. i think i mentioned that somewhere else 😉 Mwah! Love ya!Charmane

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