About Me

Hello and welcome to my cyber-home!

I love working with colour and paint and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty!
I’m an Artist who works with paint, texture, paper, ephemera and findings. Chunky, lost, broken, found — it all finds its way into my artwork.
I live in Brisbane with my crazy-busy boy-family (except the Budgie, she’s a girl, thank goodness). My Studio is my haven, especially when the boys are at school and my husband is hard at work or travelling. I have a large garden and live across from a creek, so we spend lots of time outdoors.
I enjoy playing and experimenting and sharing that with others either in classes or online. There’s nothing quite like seeing the joy in the face of others when you share your knowledge.

Painting sets me free.

I am unbound, joyous and purposeful. Each layer provides a new challenge and an opportunity for discovery – a surprising colour combination, an interesting texture. I want to create something so layered and detailed; the viewer discovers something new the longer they look.

The inspiration behind my current series “Rouge”, is the powerful, fully-feminine Woman. I took styling cues from fashion photography and emotional cues from the wonderfully empowering women who give me strength and encouragement. The lack of facial features other than lips represents the strongest asset a woman has: her ability to articulate thoughts, emotions and dreams. It’s also from these lips that we express our love for others and shower them in kisses and words of encouragement.

Giovanna Scott


“An admirer of Mixed Media creations for many years, I was so excited to meet Gigi in real life and watch her create some goregous masterpieces from scratch.”
“Miss Billy” was born at Byron Bay with me standing and watching in awe of the creation that Gigi had bought to life. “Miss Billy” now lives in my office, hanging proudly on the wall. I see her every day and she reminds me that we all need ART in our lives!
Thank you Gigi for allowing me to own one of your stunning creations!


I also teach! Do you have a retreat coming up or bricks n mortar store? I can devise a class to suit your needs.

phone: 0414 619 992
email: hello AT giovannascott DOT com

2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Rebecca November 25, 2012 at 10:09 am #

    Hi Giovanna – Last night I was blessed to receive a print from your collection from a very special friend of mine for my 40th birthday. The quote “She felt a desire to do good things” really spoke to me and I just love the colours in the picture. Thank you for doing something different and inspiring.


    • Giovanna Scott November 27, 2012 at 5:36 pm #

      Hi Rebecca, thanks for getting in touch. I’m so pleased you like your gift. I agree, she’s one very special person ;). Regards, Giovanna.

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