A.W.O.L. Explained!

Sometimes I use my Art to escape and while that can be a good thing most of the time and if you have a relatively normal life – there is absolutely no problem with that at all!

However, I do NOT have a normal life.

When the pressure builds I can generally cope, but since my car accident last April I find myself more and more unable to shoulder all my responsibilities. Coupled with my chronic Perfectionism and you have a wonderful, heady cocktail of anxiety and moodiness! I turn into Mrs Cranky-Pants and neglect all the things I should be more pedantic about.

Finally this month, I decided to take some time out – visit my Naturopath and my GP and order a barrage of testing. My weight is now how it was when I was 9mths pregnant – and that’s not good when you are neither pregnant, nor under 160cm. I was losing all strength and energy and feeling very manic. I know I need to be 7kg lighter but it’s not my diet that’s the issue, so off to have scans and x-rays and blood tests to rule out every possible nasty. That’s my mission next week!

I also made a few huuuge life-saving decisions. Firstly I plucked up the courage to take my 8year old son (who is severely autistic) to have a big blood test. We needed him to be sedated because he is too strong for me now to hold down, he is not a compliant munchkin and can’t be bribed, so sedate him we did. His biochemistry is different to you or I, so I was so fearful that things would go oh-so badly, he would react terribly to the medication and then it would un-do all the sacrifices and hard work I’ve put into his recovery the last 6 years! So you can imagine my hesitation. I did NOT want to go back there, to that dark, isolating world when you first get the diagnosis and your trapped child is tearing your house and your family apart.

me & my boy

But we did the test Monday at the Children’s Hospital Emergency Department, and I’m happy to say it all went well. Initial results show he is doing well – but we all know it’s my dedication to his recovery that deserves the credit here LOL.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have it done and have no side effects to worry about. We have a baseline to move forward and that can only be GOOD! My mood is better and I “feel” healthier. My abdomen is smaller today – I only look 6mths pregnant LOL.

So, back to what I love to do and keeps me sane – MY ART!

messy bits and pieces

I have scribbled the last few weeks and loved it but felt frustrated that I couldn’t get studio time – “me” time. It would be nice if everyone worked in compartments. That I could put all my personal issues into a little box and then turn around and be a creative, professional, inspiring genius. I envy those who make time for it all. What I don’t like is comments about how those who drop out of view for a while are considered “has-beens” or “failures”.

Do you recall the days before social media? An artist could create in peace and not have to “be seen” constantly, for fear of the “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” curse, and you just turned up for their twice-yearly exhibitions. (Apologies for the number of inverted commas…..poor writing, I agree!) I feel like I want people to LIKE me too much and have lost sight of actually just doing it – the very thing they LIKEd me for in the first place!
And so I have…..

new ideas and new orders in progress!

I’ve realised, as I always have, that being PRODUCTIVE is the magic tonic in my life.

I hope you find your magic tonic but not have to go through a whole year of pain to get there!



Mixed Media at the Papercrafts Festival!!

The Papercrafts Festival will be in Brisbane from 17-19 February at the RNA Showgrounds.

Papercrafts Festival in Brisbane

Check out the awesome line-up for the show activities

Inspirational workshops by your Creative Journey featuring:

Louise Nelson, Jane Clark and Giovanna Scott http://www.dekodamarketing.com.au/inspirational-workshops-3/

Make ‘n’ Takes by: Scrappidoo Scrapbooking, Arnolds Scrapbooking, Fatcats Corner, Eclectic Images, Stamp in Style and more!

Kids’ workshops – http://www.dekodamarketing.com.au/kids-workshops-4/

Paper Craft Guilds – http://www.dekodamarketing.com.au/guilds-4/

Exhibitor List – http://www.dekodamarketing.com.au/exhibitor-list/

Your lucky door prize – http://www.dekodamarketing.com.au/sponsors-3/

And more to come! So, spend up to 3 exciting days to see all your favourite crafts under the one roof …

Grab a bargain. browse new products, and learn the latest techniques with your friends …

See you there …

When you pre-pay to attend one workshop, you receive entry for the full 3 days!!!
(this is not transferrable and ID is required)

My Saturday class is almost full (thank you peeps!!) but there is still room on Friday at 10am and Sunday at 12:30pm.
Grab some friends and come along, or pass this onto a friend, acquaintance or relative who will be interested. These are not run-of-the-mill workshops either. You will be dipping your toes (fingers mostly) into a world of new experiences!

Here is a teeny tiny look at some of the booty in my workshop kit:

Mixed Media Workshop kit sneak peek

Helmar adhesive, Craft Queen ribbon, stamp by Stamp It, paper flowers by T.L.C. Crafts and some texture tools courtesy of me!

Email Sherry at yourcreativejourney@live.com and register for your workshops.

Did I mention how wonderful Brisbane is this time of year???

Quick sticks and write that email!! See you there.

xx Giovanna

123 Challenge for October

Happy October everyone.

Here in my part of the world, the weather is simply spectacular. I am often reminded of how lucky I am to be born, raised and live in this magnificent city.

But without further a-do, here is the 123 Challenge for October:

A special Art Journal page!

The hardest part of all my Art Journal pages is finding that “magic” quote from an old novel. I think it took 3 novels and about 30-40mins to find this gem.

The LACE was coloured with alcohol inks and blending solution.

The SUEDE ribbon was attached using Helmar’s Fabric Glue (addicted to that stuff).

The word YOU has been hand-embossed and swiped with StazOn Jet Black ink.

I had no leather but did have a sheet of black vinyl so ran it through a die-cut machine for the leaves.

But you could hand cut them of course. I just wanted to see if it would cut the vinyl.

This image shows the grungeboard die-cut heart. I was disappointed the embossing folder marks kinda melted in this humidity so the effect is more subtle that I would have preferred.

So happy creating this month!!
Head over to the 123 Challenge blog to see who is sponsoring this month’s challenge.