Christmas I-Deer

After months of little creative activity, I found myself deep into an IDEA
(note: this may have been the result of procrastination).

That IDEA was Christmas.

Last year I released a nifty little online class to create a canvas to display over the Summer holidays. It was cute, it was different, it was Christmas!

The thing is, I had every intention of releasing another little step x step video so you could all make your own little nifty different artwork for the Christmas holidays. Alas, the Evil Ts (Technology and Time) conspired against me this year. I have a camera that is now inadequate for the Vimeo settings, which makes every video look grainy and second-rate.

But that negative energy was channelled into something more productive. I wanted to make amends. So I found myself on a roll with an IDEA.

I started with this Christmas card using scraps of bright Christmas colours.

I thought, “That’s a great IDEA for a card class.” So went about re-creating that IDEA into something more substantial, this time I recorded it.

But the upload to Vimeo was poor, very very very poor quality. But I still liked the IDEA.

So I thought, “How about a proper canvas class? No cards this year, just something for the home!”

Brilliant IDEA Gi. (Are you coping with my Internal Monologue?) And I produced this.

Again, the camera/upload/quality thing let me down. Gorgeous, isn’t she?

Unphased, I continued with more of the same paper but with a different IDEA. Delving into my untouched stash of old stinky book pages, I began ART JOURNALING … with a twist.

Very Dr Seuss-esque I thought.
I wanted to PLAY with this IDEA, and PLAY I did. (I wanted to write something more Seuss-rhymy but nothing came {insert sad face})

One of these designs will constitute the bulk of this year’s Christmas card-giving, determined only by my Care-Factor on any given day!

I want to make these designs available to everyone, so the easiest and bestest quality I can think of is through the RedBubble store (see link on the right). Order one or a few designs and give yourself a break this Christmas…..because, you see, I’ve done all the hard fun work for you!!!

Happy Days!!!
Will I see some of you on Saturday?
Come by and make my day!

(And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Red Bubble uploads coming very soon!!)



Things to protect your Other Things

Oh the life of a Creative is sometimes tragically frustrating. Waiting for people to respond to queries (and sometimes not at all!!!…so rude) can take months!
So here is what I’m going to offer you all.
As you know, I am getting organised to sell iPhone cases (only for 4 & 4S at this stage) through RedBubble . I have FOUR images on there now that you can purchase IMMEDIATELY in time for Christmas!

If you have subscribed to receive a NEWSLETTER, something special will be coming to your inbox soon, so you may want to hold off. Because of the orientation of my artwork and the cases, some images aren’t suitable. I either lose the person or the quote. If however you just want one or the other, I am happy to do some customised work for you!

GelaSkins offers a whole enormous range of devices you can purchase skins for. Here is my iPhone4 skin….At the moment GelaSkins are offering 20% off everything in store. As I haven’t got my images approved for storage yet, here’s what you can do. You can purchase a Gift Certificate now (a $25 certificate will cost you $20) and when you place your order with me, just add your certificate number in your email which will also include your device and chosen design.

Sounds like a lot of “to-and-fro” bollocks, but they really are awesome protecty things.

I guess I will hide in my studio now and do some stocktake (blerk).

Don’t forget to sign up for the NEWSLETTER for a special iPhone case offer!!

Sale! Skins! Scrapbooking!

The GiSt Creative Sale ends in approximately 24hours!!
(that’s Wednesday 16 November @9am)

Thank You to everyone who has nabbed a bargain during the previous 2 weeks. It really is a nice feeling when people purchase your artwork. Art is a very personal, subjective experience and I’m glad it’s touched the hearts of many…enough to make a purchase!

There are still plenty of prints available but once they are sold out, that will be it. However, you can still purchase the images in other forms via the RedBubble portfolio (see sidebar or SHOP tab).

I am still in negotiation to allow you to purchase any image for your electronic devices (phone, laptop, DS, tablet, etc) without going through me first.

Although I am happy to do this, the time it would take to ensure the correct device was chosen, to the correct image and placement, etc would have been cost-prohibitive. So if you’re willing to wait a little longer for this to be set-up, I will be happy.

On the other hand, if your request is simple and you would like something for the Christmas stocking, then please contact me directly and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Have you picked up issue 89 of Scrapbook Creations?

I have 2 projects in there. One is a gorgeous, girly layout using a 6x6inch (15x15cm) paper pad by Echo Park.I had to “steal” a photo from my friend Crystal as the papers were very girly, and I am neither a girly-girl nor did I have any photos of my nieces on hand. This is of her husband and youngest daughter. Love the balance the green brings to all that PINK!!!

Then there is this huuuuuge mini book project!!

I will be at The Handmade Expo at the Ipwsich Turf Club this Saturday from 8am to 2pm. It’s the biggest one of the year. Train rides, sausage sizzle and Christmas Choir….plus loads of Handmadies!! Bring your cash or EFTPOS will be available as a shared facility (no cash outs). Come and say HELLOOOO, we’ll have a happy snap and I’ll pop you on my blog!! How cool…???

Okay, off to get creative.