Thoughts on Exhibiting

The second cARTwheel Collaborative exhibition has wrapped up. The walls at Percolator Gallery are once again bare and wait quietly and expectantly for the next group of hopeful artists to mark their presence on Brisbane’s art scene.

Being part of this creative community is wonderful! I think every artist can benefit from surrounding yourself with like-minded artsy peeps. My little group began quite by chance after a callout on Facebook. From there we held our first show in 2013 and EIGHT of us exhibited at Percolator for 2 weeks. This 2015 show we had 4 artists and we had the space for 5 days. Boy, it seemed to fly by. I felt that just as we finished hanging….it was all over!
Every time we’ve exhibited I’ve learned so much about what is required to manage your own exhibition. Choosing the date, flyers, photographs, pricing, entertaining on Opening Nights, rostering, selling, schmoozing, payment facilities and so much more.

This time I felt like I really “owned” it – what I produced came from years of experimenting and learning and moving into my own style and headspace.
I’m incredibly proud of my current work. For some, being proud of what you’ve achieved and saying it out loud, it is unnatural. It was for me for a long time, but I love this series and I have more canvases ready to go in different sizes and slightly different compositions. I can’t wait to begin.

Thank you again to those that came out in support. Thank you to my fellow collaborators Carol Lee Beckx, Janine Whitling and Vicki Donaldson. It’s been a wonderful experience.



The Secret Life of Palettes

DSC_0056 DSC_0055 DSC_0051 DSC_0050 DSC_0032

Yesterday I painted for 2 whole, glorious hours!


Uninterrupted, uninhibited and unphased.

I didn’t worry about my “ideal customer” or sharing online for a group or being watched.





What I will share is what was left behind.


The palette leaves the story of the Artist

. DSC_0068

How each colour is used (or not used).

DSC_0046 DSC_0062

The techniques and tools employed.

The bravery in colour mixing.

DSC_0045 DSC_0053

The perfection in the imperfection

. DSC_0054

Maybe I’ll share the finished piece with you.

Maybe I won’t.

It won’t matter.

Because at least I did it.

xx Giovanna

Art is Percolating!!

Welcome to another regularly irregular blog post from Yours Truly *wink*
Hope this update finds you in a good head space because I have some fabulous news to share.
Last year a group of local artists got together and came up with the craaaazy idea of staging a group exhibition. Monthly meetings about the group name, gallery hire, logos, etc, etc, etc….oh, and good food, there was ALWAYS good food and laughs of course……>>>> resulted in this Exhibition Spectacular!
cartwheel front

cartwheel back
(just click on the pics to enlarge)

A host of fabulous local talent in possibly the cutest gallery-for-hire in Brisbane. Official Opening Night celebrations are this Friday, but we are open from this Thursday until the 28th October (excluding Mondays).

Anyone out there who has done this before, will understand when I say “It’s been satisfyingly exhausting.” I’ve learned so much from my fellow exhibitors about staging an independent exhibition and I truly take my hat off to those of you who do it constantly.

If you’d like to know when I’ll be at the Gallery, drop me an email at gistcreative.aus [at] and we can catch up.
If you’d like to attend the Opening Night this Friday, please RSVP to Janine on 0413 550 944 for catering purposes.

Break a leg, right?