Free Technique Vid for Youuu

Happy New Week!

This month I set myself a target to share one new technique with you. I am now happy….nay, THRILLED, to offer for your viewing —

{Which, coincidentally is my ONE LITTLE WORD for 2013}

feb_ 033

feb_ 032

feb_ 031

feb_ 030

Here is the direct link to Vimeo
As with all “The GiSt of It” videos, you can view at anytime and even download to your computer to watch later!
Share with your friends and discover just how many uses this technique has for your creations.

I did forget to mention that the liquid I used to create the flower outlines, is actually 3D fabric paint. Because I’m an impatient minx, I had to blot it with paper towel and that’s how it became thicker and a little smudged/irregular.

BUUUTT, it’s glossy and completely waterproof!! BONUS!

XX Giovanna


Work it…and re-work it…Baby!

I’ve had times when the art I create looks, well, just “okay”.
Whether it’s the balance of colour, composition or simply doesn’t make me smile.

Today I’m going to show you two canvases that I’ve re-worked that you can now find in my Made It Shop.

Here are the offending artworks.
challenge as an opportunity
road less travelled
They have been bugging me for over a year and with frustration and a tonne of courage I decided to do what many artists have done before, painted over it!!

Here they are re-worked Baby!

challenge as an opportunity
hows the serenity
I pulled the quote off entirely as it was all awkward and fumbly and didn’t “mean” anything to anyone. I added some stamping to the top left hand section which balanced the whole composition. The dark blue also added some much needed drama and excitement to the piece.
hows the serenity_hat

road less travelled
road less travelled12
I kept the quote for this one but again added some stamping to that vaccuum in the top left hand section. I chose a warmer red to match the cuffs and collar but also recoloured these to unify the image.
road less travelled_hat
road less travelled_leaves
(sorry for wonky pic sizes….getting used to WordPress’ new media gallery bits n pieces)

Both these originals can be found in my MadeIt store HERE, or click on the badge in the sidebar.

With some love and a cool change, I may get the scanner to co-operate in this super hot weather we’re having, and you’ll see these images in Red Bubble soon.

Much love

p.s. Thank you for all the lovely emails and comments, particularly on FaceBook regarding my Etzcetera Magazine feature. I’m still not sure it’s me in the mag…all a bit surreal, but happy to have had the opportunity and trust from some people I admire. Moving forward and moving Brilliantly!!!

Scrapbook Creations Farewell Edition

Issue 95 of Scrapbook Creations is now available and this is my final contribution as a Design Diva.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In this issue I was given a STAMPING challenge and had some lovely wood-mounted stamps by Inkadinkadoo to play with along with K&Co papers which are a nice heavy weight; perfect for mixed media and other wet media play.

I wanted to do something different to simply stamping the image onto the layout.

Firstly I swiped the patterned paper with gesso and when it was dry enough took the larger stamp and added another layer of the botanical theme.
It kinda looked boring so grabbed the smaller flower stamp and some red StazOn to create a border around the photo, using a plain paper mask to indicate where the photo would go. I found the more you layered the stamping from a very wet stamp, to an almost dry stamp, the more interesting it got.
You could also use this technique in reverse, applying the layering to the corner of a greeting card or journaling card. Just remember to spin the image a little to get variation.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with these girls and especially Casey Ioannou who is one patient and understanding Editor! I’ll miss the regularity of work and the deadlines (I do love an end-date!); seeing my mug-shot every issue and all the freebies; B-U-T in the spirit of the “end-date” I felt it was my time to hand my tiara to another talented gal, worthy of the Diva title…and there are soooo many out there. There is fantastic new talent emerging, and I am envious of their seemingly effortless ability to throw it all together!

I wish Casey and the SC staff continued success. I believe there are some changes in the pipeline…..which I am now no longer privy to {{insert grumpy face}}….so we shall all have to wait and see.