Looking Like Christmas

Good morning/afternoon/evening friendly peeps.

Well, today it seems Summer has arrived in Brisbane. We’re having hot, humid days and storms at night. Magic, really! Wouldn’t live anywhere else.
But everyone is gearing up for Christmas holidays. Our Year 12 students have finished their final exams -ever- and have descended onto the Gold Coast for the annual Schoolies Festival. I never got into that whole scene, but I hear some kids are ready to come home after 3 days….classic!

I’ve been a busy munchkin, preparing loads of goodies for your gift and card giving this Christmas.
Almost everything’s been entered into the Etsy Shop and ready to leave my Studio boxes!





The Ferny Hills Twilight Market was fantastic. It’s the perfect event for this part of the world…the weather cools rather than heats up. More market events should embrace the twilight concept, especially in the hotter months.

Thanks to all my friends who came, bought and lent some moral support. And to my new customers – thank you too. It’s much more edifying when strangers buy my bits & pieces (but don’t tell my friends that LOL).

What’s next on the agenda?
I’m heading back to where the ART all began for me – my High School!
Yep, Mt Maria is hosting a Community Market 30 November from 8am to midday.
Curious to know more? Go to their Facebook Event page for directions. They are on Osborne Rd, Mitchelton next to Brookside Shopping Centre. You can catch the train to Mitchelton and walk across the road or there are bus services that drop at Brookside. Would love to see you there and meet more online buddies!!!

Remember, my ETSY SHOP is up and running. More items will be added next week.


Much Love and Sunshine – Stay Cool


Sweet Angels of ……

I was going to say “Mercy” but then thought….

These sweet Angels can be anything you want them to be!!!

They are a labour of Love and Patience and I have enjoyed giving them as gifts for friends and family.

These girls all have wonderful handmade imperfections and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Limited edition, handmade and perfect for the person who has EVERYTHING….I mean everything!

Each angel is unique….her own charm, her own coloured hair, her own expression, her own PERSONALITY!

Whipped these babies up a couple of Christmases ago (read about it here) and these are the LAST FOUR ANGELS LEFT!

You can choose from Blessings, Bloom, Love and Peace.

Once they’re gone, you won’t see them for a while…..unless I find another trio of elderly women to help me out {{wink wink}}

Available right now in my Etsy Shop or click on the badge in the sidebar.

mUcH lOvE

Giovanna xx

Mother’s Day Moments

cards displayed copy
I’ve made some lovely Mother’s Day cards and a couple of mini canvas panels in honour of Mother’s Day (or any day really) that are now available in my Etsy shop HERE

But the journey to my very FIRST Mother’s Day series was the result of a long and challenging journey that I hope you’ll read ahead to. Maybe you’ll learn something more personal about me, and perhaps you’ll recognise some of these moments in your own life.

My Mum and Nonna are 2 of the greatest women I know.

My Nonna

My Nonna

My Nonna passed away in 1999, shortly after my Wedding which she was too ill to attend. She was humorous, cheeky and haunted. She came from Italy in 1958, already a Widow, with 4 of her 5 remaining children, on the promise by her oldest son that when things improved financially, they would all return.

He never, ever honoured that promise. So my Nonna never bothered to learn English, make any of her own friends or drive a car, because she held onto the promise of returning to her family home, fix the damage done by the Germans in World War 2, and go back to her life.

She taught me that even though your are in pain, you can smile, you can love and you can be the most delightful, funny person you can be. Despite your frustrations, you must carry on, love your family, keep them safe and love them unconditionally.

collaged hearts

collaged hearts

Nonna had a wonderful intuition. She planted by phases of the moon, brought some traditional Italian backyard practices to Australia and always, ALWAYS cooked amazing food without consulting a cookbook. Even though she was illiterate, you would never have known because she was also extremely intelligent.

NOW I AM A MOTHER and in some ways I feel our lives have mirrored.

My handsome boys

My handsome boys

I have faced my own demons through Rainer’s Autism diagnosis and challenged working through (not with, THROUGH) a Health Department that has no treatment path for these kids and adults.

with Rainer

with Rainer

A husband that worked long hours and overseas. For 2 years we saw him 2 weeks out of 4, which made me feel like a Widow and honestly some of the darkest days of my life. The promise that some day, someone would find a magic bullet to cure Autism and that life would get better.

with Hubby 2010

with Hubby 2010

Which brings me (in a very roundabout way) to Mother’s Day.

I never really enjoyed Mother’s Day as a Mother until recently.

Mother's Day 2009

Mother’s Day 2009

I avoided it. It felt contrived and forced and as a bit of an annoyance. Rainer was out of control. Hubby was pre-occupied with work (or not in the country at all), my oldest son Mackinley tried very hard to get some quality time with me, which was mostly hijacked by Rainer.

But that’s all changed.

Mum now has boundaries (yay). Mackinley and Rainer can play together without drawing blood or it escalating into a Rainer Meltdown Defcon 3. Hubby isn’t traveling or pre-occupied with work that didn’t care if they drew every last drop of humanity from him.

Some of the things I wished for, are becoming a reality.

Detail of canvas panel

Detail of canvas panel

So now I’m looking forward to my first REAL, relaxed Mother’s Day. I think that’s reflected in the Mother’s Day Collection. There is more joy in the palette, more peace in the intentions and a general sense of well being. Despite the baggage I had to clear while making this collection, I feel I’ve come through it a better, stronger Artist and Mother … a maturing!

Congratulations for reading this far. It’s quite an epic tale that I’ve only lightly recounted. My Nonna was a brave and strong woman who I believe absolutely loves what I’m doing. My Nonno was quite the Renaissance Man and loved painting and drawing on the walls in their home.

My Nonno : a true Renaissance Man

My Nonno : a true Renaissance Man

My Mother deserves a post all to herself.

Spread the love around with the cards. They’re good for any occasion, not just Mother’s Day – that was the intention. You don’t need one day to tell someone how much they mean to you.

Detail of canvas panel

Detail of canvas panel