Work it…and re-work it…Baby!

I’ve had times when the art I create looks, well, just “okay”.
Whether it’s the balance of colour, composition or simply doesn’t make me smile.

Today I’m going to show you two canvases that I’ve re-worked that you can now find in my Made It Shop.

Here are the offending artworks.
challenge as an opportunity
road less travelled
They have been bugging me for over a year and with frustration and a tonne of courage I decided to do what many artists have done before, painted over it!!

Here they are re-worked Baby!

challenge as an opportunity
hows the serenity
I pulled the quote off entirely as it was all awkward and fumbly and didn’t “mean” anything to anyone. I added some stamping to the top left hand section which balanced the whole composition. The dark blue also added some much needed drama and excitement to the piece.
hows the serenity_hat

road less travelled
road less travelled12
I kept the quote for this one but again added some stamping to that vaccuum in the top left hand section. I chose a warmer red to match the cuffs and collar but also recoloured these to unify the image.
road less travelled_hat
road less travelled_leaves
(sorry for wonky pic sizes….getting used to WordPress’ new media gallery bits n pieces)

Both these originals can be found in my MadeIt store HERE, or click on the badge in the sidebar.

With some love and a cool change, I may get the scanner to co-operate in this super hot weather we’re having, and you’ll see these images in Red Bubble soon.

Much love

p.s. Thank you for all the lovely emails and comments, particularly on FaceBook regarding my Etzcetera Magazine feature. I’m still not sure it’s me in the mag…all a bit surreal, but happy to have had the opportunity and trust from some people I admire. Moving forward and moving Brilliantly!!!


Mark(et) your Diary

It’s been a while, but I’m getting my gear organised for another local Market. This time it’s the charming Ferny Hills State School Twilight Market.
I’ll have all the old favourites with me – prints, kits, originals and altered pieces, as well as a couple of new original artworks.

The market atmosphere is always so invigorating and with this one being a Twilight Market, the cool Summer evening will be a welcomed change of pace. I love talking to visitors, meeting other stall holders and eating their yummy food. Oh, and did I mention, it’s also a nice break from the kids and marking and everything else!! Haha!!

Would love to see you if you’re a local. I’m looking forward to it.
Have a great weekend!

xx Giovanna

Shop Updates….Hurrah!

Despite the little conversations I was having in my head lately, it seems people were upset that my Made It shop was “closed for a holiday”.

So, due to popular demand, the MADE IT SHOP is ready for business, once again.

sample of prints available in the store

To thank you for all the badgering and harrassment (haha) I’ve taken 25% OFF ALL PRINTS with FREE POSTAGE on prints only.
These prints are fabulous!

I scanned the original artwork on my Epsom Artisan 725 at the highest resolution possible. You can still see the texture on the print! The only altering was cropping the image.

Did I mention how fabulous they really are?

I took the scanned images to my local printing company, Lea Printing at Keperra, and the Graphic Designer simply made sure all the images were centred nicely on the page. We did a couple of test runs with different stock until we found the PERFECT match.

These prints are NOT printed at home, nor at the local photo processing centre. They are top quality and will last a lifetime.
There are 21 different designs to choose from and will be perfect for gifts or keepers for YOU.

Don’t forget there are 10 original artworks in the store just waiting to find a new home! Lots of styles for the special man in your life.

"he knew his time would come"