Things to protect your Other Things

Oh the life of a Creative is sometimes tragically frustrating. Waiting for people to respond to queries (and sometimes not at all!!!…so rude) can take months! So here is what I’m going to offer you all. As you know, I am getting organised to sell iPhone cases (only for 4 & 4S at this stage)Continue reading “Things to protect your Other Things”

iPhone skins available soon!!

Yep, you heard right!! You can now get a GiSt Creative original design on an iPhone skin, or just about any device you like!! This will make a very COOL and UNIQUE Christmas present!!! I’ll be getting one for my new laptop (hubby doesn’t know he’s buying me one for my Birthday) I’m in theContinue reading “iPhone skins available soon!!”

Ode to the SIM card

You were old by Technorati standards, but to me you were but a child. The years we spent together were exciting and full of discovery. I learned things from you and I filled you with information. You were my lifeline during a very difficult time. The “unlimited text” feature was indispensible in communicating with others,Continue reading “Ode to the SIM card”