Things to protect your Other Things

Oh the life of a Creative is sometimes tragically frustrating. Waiting for people to respond to queries (and sometimes not at all!!!…so rude) can take months!
So here is what I’m going to offer you all.
As you know, I am getting organised to sell iPhone cases (only for 4 & 4S at this stage) through RedBubble . I have FOUR images on there now that you can purchase IMMEDIATELY in time for Christmas!

If you have subscribed to receive a NEWSLETTER, something special will be coming to your inbox soon, so you may want to hold off. Because of the orientation of my artwork and the cases, some images aren’t suitable. I either lose the person or the quote. If however you just want one or the other, I am happy to do some customised work for you!

GelaSkins offers a whole enormous range of devices you can purchase skins for. Here is my iPhone4 skin….At the moment GelaSkins are offering 20% off everything in store. As I haven’t got my images approved for storage yet, here’s what you can do. You can purchase a Gift Certificate now (a $25 certificate will cost you $20) and when you place your order with me, just add your certificate number in your email which will also include your device and chosen design.

Sounds like a lot of “to-and-fro” bollocks, but they really are awesome protecty things.

I guess I will hide in my studio now and do some stocktake (blerk).

Don’t forget to sign up for the NEWSLETTER for a special iPhone case offer!!


iPhone skins available soon!!

Yep, you heard right!!

You can now get a GiSt Creative original design on an iPhone skin, or just about any device you like!!
This will make a very COOL and UNIQUE Christmas present!!!
I’ll be getting one for my new laptop (hubby doesn’t know he’s buying me one for my Birthday)

I’m in the process of sorting out the shop so you can choose your own GiSt Creative artwork to display, so please be a little patient while my minions go about their duties.

Delivery is between 3-4 weeks but well worth the wait.

Would love some feedback too…..which device would you put some GiSt-Lovin’ on?

Ode to the SIM card

You were old by Technorati standards, but to me you were but a child.
The years we spent together were exciting and full of discovery. I learned things from you and I filled you with information. You were my lifeline during a very difficult time. The “unlimited text” feature was indispensible in communicating with others, having a very noisy and demanding child.

I held onto you for as long as I could; resisting all the advances by sleeker, more advanced models and ignoring Peer Pressure. You were all I needed. But eventually, my needs outgrew your ability to keep up. I tried to resize you, make you bigger, faster, stronger. But I could see we were growing apart.

Now, I have a new phone that requires a “micro SIM”. It’s bigger, faster and stronger despite its diminutiveness. She has so many more functions that I am yet to discover. Her capacity is mind-boggling. I am unrestricted. I am unbounded.

I am truly “mobile”.

Thank you for our years together. I will never forget how I laughed and cried over you; how your white, sleek exterior remained immaculate.

It’s not me – it’s you.

RIP sim
b. 2006
d. 2011

p.s. I think you will find new life with my 10 year old son. He has been coveting you for a while now. Steadily circling, waiting for me to dump you. I think you should go with him. He will make you happy.