Collage Play Workshop

It’s been a while in the making, so I’m very pleased to launch my new workshop experience….
collage play promo

Collage Play is a mixed media workshop for absolute beginners.

On the surface? It’s about creating a pretty piece of art for your wall.

But really? It’s about expressing yourself, playing with lots of different media and learning some cool techniques.

It’s designed for people who have limited or no knowledge of mixed media, art, being creative and drawing a face – people who struggle with confidence in drawing, who say, “I’m not arty! Stick figures are my limit.”
By the end of the workshop, you will understand how to make interesting backgrounds, combine colours and textures, DRAW A SIMPLE FACE and use art mediums with confidence.

And best of all, you’ll have the benefit of a small, intimate group of like-minded souls. You’ll arrive with basic tools and leave with a generous kit and enough knowledge to complete more at home. Because the group is small, I can give you lots of guidance and attention and encouragement along the way.

So grab your apron and paintbrushes and get ready to Collage Play!

The workshop opens for registration today and numbers are limited.
Investment: $90
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There are 2 sessions to choose from: Wednesday 22nd October or Saturday 25th October.
Workshop time: 10am – 1pm (plus cleaning up time).

Our venue is the lovely yarn shop Knitch, in Paddington.

We have a gorgeous space downstairs to spread out and be messy-creatives without interruption.

I hope you can join me. It’s going to be loads of fun!
But why believe me? (I’m a wee bit biased)
Here’s what past workshop attendees had to say….

Fantastic class. Very relaxed atmosphere, excellent and very patient teacher. Even my daughter was proud of my art work and that takes a lot!!!
I look at it now and proudly think “I did that.” I left the class with the confidence that I could do this myself at home. 10/10.

Thank you so much – really enjoyed the afternoon. Can’t wait to get all the stuff to create another one (or two) :-).

For only $90 you get a generous kit of mixed media goodies, detailed notes to take home, 3+ hours of me tenderly and expertly guiding you through the process and use of lots of extras from my stash.

But it’s not just the WHAT, but the HOW AND WHY I use what I use and the know-how that comes from years of making some huuuuge mistakes along the way.

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Many have said that mixed media confuses them and it’s not for them. Let me show you how achievable it REALLY IS; de-mystify a few art mediums and teach you how to use what you already have at home.

I would love to see you sitting at my table and looking totally satisfied with what you’ve created.
Remember –
Time to take a chance and show us your Amazingness!

Hope to hear from you soon!!
xx Gi

Full payment is required and will run on a first-come-first-served basis.
A refund will only be given if your spot can be filled.
You will need to bring some basic items from home – a full list of supplies will be provided on registration and payment.


Footprints in the Sand

A lady approached me to create one of my 20by20 canvases, using warm colours and the popular “Footprints in the Sand” story as inspiration.
(Go HERE for a full account.)

While I prefer to work without boundaries, I really do love to step inside a customer’s heart and soul and bring that intention to life. This lady is very religious and caring and lovely and delightful.

After I finished the background, I sat for quite a while with the quote and scribed maybe a dozen sentiments. I needed to think about what that quote meant to her, how it has helped her in difficult times and why she holds that story close to her heart at all times.





And I think I chose the right one because she absolutely loved it.



Thank you Kerry for allowing me to create this beautiful piece for you and trusting me with your story.

xx Giovanna

Bad Mother = Good Artist

So my delightful son Rainer (who is severely Autistic and who manages to just hurt me enough so people don’t raise eyebrows LOL) took offense to my discipline methods yesterday (yes, it was yesterday – Wednesday). His regular afternoon support worker couldn’t work yesterday, so it was just me and him for a couple of hours until delightful son #1 came home.

Anyways, I said “No” one too many times, he threw a nice chunky train at the back of my head, and well, it kind of went downhill from there. Yes, it did hurt like a mother, yes, he did know exactly what he was doing, yes, he did expect me to chase him. No I didn’t throw it back at him, no, I didn’t chase him. In the end, I turned his computer off and he summarily sent me to the Studio for being the Bad Mother.

Oh dear!!!! What horror!!!! THE STUDIO!!!!!!!

Luckily, I could see him watching TV through my beautiful lead-light studio doors, while I considered what I should do during my Internment.

And there it was before me…..
Notes on some new classes for later in the year and basic sketches for a new exhibition in November. So I considered it for a while…..

  • what if he wanted me to come out just as I began?
  • what if he cracked it if it looked like I was having too much fun?
  • what if I got too involved in the process and didn’t notice that he either set a toy on fire (again) or ran out of the house and down the road (again)?

I decided that those 3 questions could all be answered with “So?” and if he did do any of those things I knew exactly how to deal with it because he’s been doing it for nearly 11 years….and for once I gave myself a pat on the back for being an incredible mother and for once I seriously deserved some “ME” time.

So in about 90 minutes, I did this…..

c. giovanna scott

c. giovanna scott

c. giovanna scott

c. giovanna scott

c. giovanna scott

c. giovanna scott

c. giovanna scott

c. giovanna scott

I’ve been thinking about Motherhood. The “Daughter I Never Had”, has been appearing in dreams recently. She is gorgeous, her name is Nicola (derived from my maternal grandmother’s maiden name), she is so intelligent and sweet and sassy – and she loves her brothers and they love her back. So I need to get this out of my system. I need to paint images of me carrying her with me everywhere, doing everything and being all that I haven’t done.

Right…enough soppy stuff!!!
Have a super creative week my lovelies!!

xx Giovanna