Listen with your Ears

Well, that’s what my Mum always says in her somewhat confused, broken English, Italian accented, slightly lilted, way. And so I did. At my last Mt Maria Community Market (back in May…wow) I launched the prints of my delicious 20by20 series in floating frames. I was mightily proud that I’d ordered the frames, the board,Continue reading “Listen with your Ears”

Well, What Can I Tell You?

There has been much hatching of plans and big biz dreaming happening of late. The constant pull of ideas, matching wits with domestic responsibility makes for interesting spurts of energy in the studio. I made a promise to myself a while ago that I would work in multiples, I would create for me and IContinue reading “Well, What Can I Tell You?”

Looking Like Christmas

Good morning/afternoon/evening friendly peeps. Well, today it seems Summer has arrived in Brisbane. We’re having hot, humid days and storms at night. Magic, really! Wouldn’t live anywhere else. But everyone is gearing up for Christmas holidays. Our Year 12 students have finished their final exams -ever- and have descended onto the Gold Coast for theContinue reading “Looking Like Christmas”

Market Fever

Hi again folks, It’s that time of year again!   I had such a wonderful time last year, that I decided to pop up shop with some new items. Bracelets! 10 unique designs, 2 finishes (polished silver and antique finish), glass domes (not acrylic) to give a beautiful clear image. $35 each.   Necklaces! LoadsContinue reading “Market Fever”

Mark(et) your Diary

It’s been a while, but I’m getting my gear organised for another local Market. This time it’s the charming Ferny Hills State School Twilight Market. I’ll have all the old favourites with me – prints, kits, originals and altered pieces, as well as a couple of new original artworks. The market atmosphere is always soContinue reading “Mark(et) your Diary”

Why I Love Making Art

It’s the “doing it with your hands”; It’s the “making a mess”; It’s the “solitude and release”; It’s the “market days”; It’s the fabulous friends you make; But most of all…… It’s when the artwork is up on someone else’s wall…… And it makes them smile. Giovanna, I love market girl and smile when everContinue reading “Why I Love Making Art”