Quickie Cards

I received a phone call from my friend KL. She's pretty awesome and over the years she's purchased my Art Cards to give to friends, family and clients. We keep each other happy ... quite literally .... she's hilarious and a beautiful soul. She wanted to know if I had any more greeting cards for … Continue reading Quickie Cards

Looking Like Christmas

Good morning/afternoon/evening friendly peeps. Well, today it seems Summer has arrived in Brisbane. We're having hot, humid days and storms at night. Magic, really! Wouldn't live anywhere else. But everyone is gearing up for Christmas holidays. Our Year 12 students have finished their final exams -ever- and have descended onto the Gold Coast for the … Continue reading Looking Like Christmas

Market Fever

Hi again folks,It's that time of year again! I had such a wonderful time last year, that I decided to pop up shop with some new items.Bracelets! 10 unique designs, 2 finishes (polished silver and antique finish), glass domes (not acrylic) to give a beautiful clear image. $35 each.  Necklaces! Loads of unique designs, 4 styles … Continue reading Market Fever