Fortune Favours the Brave

Happy Winter Folks! And while the weather is cooling down outside, inside at Studio GiSt, things are hotting up and gaining momentum. Last Friday night I attended the opening of Art & Design Precinct’s Fortune 500 group exhibition, because…..they selected 4 (yes, FOUR) of my artworks for their walls. See all the pretty pictures here:Continue reading “Fortune Favours the Brave”

Quite the Exhibitionist

If you dream a dream long enough, and write it down …..yes, that’s the trick, you MUST write it down….. Dreams will come true This week I got confirmation to submit work to a great, fab, awesome group exhibition. The owners of the Art & Design Precinct are committed to emerging local artists and it’sContinue reading “Quite the Exhibitionist”

Letting goooooo………

Horrible Perfectionista That’s me! I had to share this with you quickly, before I thought about it too much. Because it’s embarrassing Because it reveals that side of me I want hidden But most of all…’s hilarious and everyone can relate. Today I put the almost final touches on 10 canvases I will have curatedContinue reading “Letting goooooo………”