Motivation : Where it comes From

Working from home has its benefits and also its challenges.
And I get distracted….. A LOT!!!!

So late last year I decided to revisit some old favourite books I purchased in 2008 when I was in Denver in the U.S.; ideas and principles which have stayed with me up to now. “The Art of Personal Imagery” by Corey Moortgart, “Taking Flight” by Kelly Rae Roberts, “Collage Discovery Workshop” and “Collage Discovery Workshop. Beyond the Unexpected” both by Claudine Hellmuth, “Lotta Prints” by Lotta Jansdotta, “Bookcraft” by Heather Weston.

Some are now “classics” in terms of mixed media and creativity.

Time to UPGRADE!!

So late last year I did the self-paced e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts. That was good. But I knew most of the suggestions were going to be a struggle with a severely autistic son and a hectic family schedule. So I kept searching…..

And found these!!

Inspiration 2012

I think everyone knows who Pam Carriker is – but it took me a while to “find” Pam and to connect with her message. And her message in “Art at the Speed of Life” has stuck with me.
I can’t lock myself away in my studio each day between 10am and 2pm – filling in time until the kids come home from school, that just isn’t my life. It’s busy – and I know there are people like me out there saying to themselves, “But HOW does she do all that?”

Read Pam’s book and you’ll understand the theory of MULTIPLES and it will give you the freedom to not just be creative everyday, but to actually ACCOMPLISH something every day.

Then I came upon this delightful book by Sarah Ahearn Bellemare “Painted Pages”.

Not only is it sooo sooo pretty, but in it Sarah takes you through her whole process from keeping sketch books to organising her space.

Both ladies have guests who share their story, process and struggles so I can guarantee that there will be something in there for every Artist. Pam’s is especially good for advice on that delicate balancing act between making art, social media, when to quit your day job, finding your muse and getting out there and showing your art. Sarah’s is great for the Big Picture stuff like, Where does the idea come from in the first place?

Find these books if you are struggling, like I was, to find a good fit for you. You can purchase Pam’s book as a pdf, but I like to sit and feel the pages without backlit screens! Call me Old Fashioned….yep, go on! And they are both that Old Fashioned (!) quattro page size. The only thing to make them more perfect would have been wiro binding!!

So this Old Fashioned Duck is off to work in more MULTIPLES and do some WARM UP activities in her sketch book.
Happy Reading!!


Pam Carriker:
Sarah Ahearn Bellemare:


2012: WORD UP!

Towards the end of each year I begin to plan the next. My birthday is 27th December and while others are nursing hangovers and distended bellies from Christmas, and perhaps planning seeing in the New Year, I’m huddled in my Cave, contemplating my life.
Caves of Hercules near Tanger, Morocco
Honestly, 2011 was so good and so horrible in so many ways. I thought about a Retrospective Post, began writing it, and then was soooooooooo bored with my life last year, decided to trash it. Retrospectives are great for some, but not this little black sheep, and not this year.

Resolutions? Again, fine for some but not me. I love lists. I’m a manic list maker! I even have categories for my lists *sigh* but resolutions are a whole new psychological nightmare. No Resolutions.
random list <3

So many years ago I discovered the ONE LITTLE WORD concept. Ali Edwards is one Mumma I admire. I’ve learned so much from her about organising my life and family and keeping personal stuff well, personal. She suits my style of sharing without revealing (digging the semantics yet?) Her OLW concept struck a chord with me and many, many others around the world and inspired a challenge blog (since finished). It’s a blueprint for how you can still have focus in your life without the need for a “To Do..” list.


riSe agAinSt tHe wiNd !rise
I felt that feedback the last few months has culminated in this word. The need to rise to the occasion, to rise early, to rise from the deep, to grow, to rise and shine, to be a light, to find my inner light and to rise and be the real me.

This word has already weaved its magic and is bearing fruit. I see my colleagues also reaping the benefits of hard work in 2011, despite a year of challenges and hardship. I am proud of our family’s resilience and our need to constantly re-evaluate our position in life. To say I am looking forward to this year’s opportunities and experiences is an understatement.
feliz 2012!

FEBRUARY – Brisbane Papercrafts Festival – teaching 3 workshops – wow
MARCH – Art-is-You, Sydney : brilliant opportunity! This is my “professional development” sabbatical of sorts. Total immersion and total liberation. (Sadly AIYS has been postponed until 2013, but another opportunity has presented itself – we shall see!)
MAY – Lake Macquarie. A chance to relax and unwind at a “scrapbooking” retreat, but my roommate is also a mad keen artiste so we’ll be in a noisy corner somewhere!
AUGUST – An opportunity to make more art at home following the “Birthday Season”. Perhaps another Collection.

Woven within all this is the continual doodling, painting, spraying, educating and general playing with all things arty and mixed media. It’s been a huge adjustment from the scrapbooking world of monthly challenges and deadlines and product releases and the removal of myself from that comfortable environment. I have struggled with being once again a Little Fish in a Big Pond – this time in the land of Mixed Media. It’s exciting and terrifying and I’m learning a lot about myself and the Brave New World I’ve leapt into (not drawing any parallels to Aldous Huxley’s awesomely creepy novel).

So I leave you with this question:

If you had nothing to fear, had a fab safety net to take the leap, and could rise and soar as far as you could go, WHERE WOULD YOU GO?

Things to protect your Other Things

Oh the life of a Creative is sometimes tragically frustrating. Waiting for people to respond to queries (and sometimes not at all!!!…so rude) can take months!
So here is what I’m going to offer you all.
As you know, I am getting organised to sell iPhone cases (only for 4 & 4S at this stage) through RedBubble . I have FOUR images on there now that you can purchase IMMEDIATELY in time for Christmas!

If you have subscribed to receive a NEWSLETTER, something special will be coming to your inbox soon, so you may want to hold off. Because of the orientation of my artwork and the cases, some images aren’t suitable. I either lose the person or the quote. If however you just want one or the other, I am happy to do some customised work for you!

GelaSkins offers a whole enormous range of devices you can purchase skins for. Here is my iPhone4 skin….At the moment GelaSkins are offering 20% off everything in store. As I haven’t got my images approved for storage yet, here’s what you can do. You can purchase a Gift Certificate now (a $25 certificate will cost you $20) and when you place your order with me, just add your certificate number in your email which will also include your device and chosen design.

Sounds like a lot of “to-and-fro” bollocks, but they really are awesome protecty things.

I guess I will hide in my studio now and do some stocktake (blerk).

Don’t forget to sign up for the NEWSLETTER for a special iPhone case offer!!