A Birthday Percentage Sale

Say whaaaaa? Yep, it’s my “Birthday Percentage” Sale (does anyone else do this?) So for the next 14 days, EVERYTHING IN MY MADE IT STORE IS 43% OFF!!! I’m once again so happy my husband does NOT read this blog LOL. Lots of these prints have gone to teachers, teenagers and just fab friends. TheContinue reading “A Birthday Percentage Sale”


Well it is now 3am (BrisVegas Time) and I’ve just finished the second part of my Christmas Class. “But why?” I hear you all ask. “Isn’t it already done!” Why yes, it was all done and ready to go to Vimeo. However, when I accessed them this afternoon, LOADS AND LOADS OF ERROR MESSAGES!!! SuperContinue reading “Techno-Cranky!”


Ah yes, my dear friend has returned! I’ve been pretty proud of myself this year. Not too much has gone “undone”. However, it all got too much and I escaped with some Gal-Pals out West for 3 days of creative loveliness. And here is what I do when I don’t want to do anything atContinue reading “P-P-P-p-p-p-procrastination”

Sale! Skins! Scrapbooking!

The GiSt Creative Sale ends in approximately 24hours!! (that’s Wednesday 16 November @9am) Thank You to everyone who has nabbed a bargain during the previous 2 weeks. It really is a nice feeling when people purchase your artwork. Art is a very personal, subjective experience and I’m glad it’s touched the hearts of many…enough toContinue reading “Sale! Skins! Scrapbooking!”

SALE at GistCreative!

That’s right… for 2 weeks only there is a whopping 30% OFF everything. ORIGINALS AND PRINTS…. and here’s how the prints will arrive to your home…. on A4 satin finished paper, professionally printed and perfectly centred ready for matting and framing. Get a jump on all your Christmas shopping and why not grab something specialContinue reading “SALE at GistCreative!”

iPhone skins available soon!!

Yep, you heard right!! You can now get a GiSt Creative original design on an iPhone skin, or just about any device you like!! This will make a very COOL and UNIQUE Christmas present!!! I’ll be getting one for my new laptop (hubby doesn’t know he’s buying me one for my Birthday) I’m in theContinue reading “iPhone skins available soon!!”