Thoughts on Exhibiting

The second cARTwheel Collaborative exhibition has wrapped up. The walls at Percolator Gallery are once again bare and wait quietly and expectantly for the next group of hopeful artists to mark their presence on Brisbane’s art scene.

Being part of this creative community is wonderful! I think every artist can benefit from surrounding yourself with like-minded artsy peeps. My little group began quite by chance after a callout on Facebook. From there we held our first show in 2013 and EIGHT of us exhibited at Percolator for 2 weeks. This 2015 show we had 4 artists and we had the space for 5 days. Boy, it seemed to fly by. I felt that just as we finished hanging….it was all over!
Every time we’ve exhibited I’ve learned so much about what is required to manage your own exhibition. Choosing the date, flyers, photographs, pricing, entertaining on Opening Nights, rostering, selling, schmoozing, payment facilities and so much more.

This time I felt like I really “owned” it – what I produced came from years of experimenting and learning and moving into my own style and headspace.
I’m incredibly proud of my current work. For some, being proud of what you’ve achieved and saying it out loud, it is unnatural. It was for me for a long time, but I love this series and I have more canvases ready to go in different sizes and slightly different compositions. I can’t wait to begin.

Thank you again to those that came out in support. Thank you to my fellow collaborators Carol Lee Beckx, Janine Whitling and Vicki Donaldson. It’s been a wonderful experience.



Well, What Can I Tell You?

There has been much hatching of plans and big biz dreaming happening of late. The constant pull of ideas, matching wits with domestic responsibility makes for interesting spurts of energy in the studio.

I made a promise to myself a while ago that I would work in multiples, I would create for me and I would also create pieces that would be affordable and the general public would WANT to have in their home.

I’m pleased to say, that within the washing machine of ideas and plans, it’s coming to fruition in an unlikely way.

I knew that if I “just did the work” that I liked and got better at it (and practiced a lot of patience) then opportunities — good opportunities would come my way. I see a few artists really push themselves to become as successful and polished as someone who’s been doing it for much longer.
I also craved that at one stage.

Then I pulled back the reins and focused inward.

Sure, I could’ve chased opportunities and hounded a few key people, but I realised that’s not how you build relationships or grow as an artist.

Yes, I’m impatient.
Yes, I’m bullish at times.
Yes, I get it now.

So I’d rather focus on my (I hate to say it) “brand” or IDENTITY as an artist. I know who I am as an individual, but how does that relate to my art practise? That’s one thing, this brand/identity, that I don’t want to force. At the moment, I can’t step outside of myself and see what others see. You’re all probably screaming at the screen now, because no doubt, YOU can see it?

Yep. Haha!

I’m sitting in my second-favourite cafe right now, thinking about their logo, decor, “brand” and I like it. It’s probably why I love coming here so much. The music (Blues today), the eclectic mix in their decor, the owners are young, bearded and just so damn cool! It’s not fussy but scaled back enough to not be pretentious. And the food is great, the cappuccino isn’t overflowing with milk (#PetHate) and the service is terrific!

And I guess this is the vibe I want in my Brand (see what I did? I gave it a capital letter).

So… you had a good 5-10 minutes inside my head, here’s what came out of it recently.



Another fabulous day at the Mt Maria Community Markets.
With the help of a great friend, I learned how to get my images into these super-cute box frames and they were a talking-point!
On that note, I love talking to visitors.
They don’t even notice they’re giving me feedback on my product choices – because I’m good at extracting information from you without realising. (should’ve got a job at ASIO – became a high school teacher instead – same skill-set).

I’ve reached back into my top-loading washing machine and pulled out some wonderful things for you this year.

I can’t reveal yet. Yes, I’m teasing (which I typically don’t enjoy doing). Yes, it’ll be just for Brisbane-area peeps to get inside my head a little more intimately (have I dropped enough hints yet?) that also involves guinea pigs.

Oh, was that a red herring/pig?

Don’t be a stranger.
Leave a reply about how much psychiatric help I’ll need this year. At least you know I’ll reply, because I’m always up for a chat!!

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Just drop me a line here or at for the Red Herring or the artwork.

Be good.
Be creative.
Be kind to yourself and others.