It’s All About The Hair (& a giveaway)

I confess to being a bit of a Diva when it comes to my own hair.
It needs to be cut in a certain manner, it needs to be blow-dried in a certain manner, the products I choose are carefully vetted, even the brushes are considered with surgeon-like precision.

So it’s no surprise that when I began this path to Mixed Media Art-dom, I found my bliss while drawing and painting in the HAIR!
Here’s a little sneak of 2 from the upcoming series…..
hair_skye copy
hair_jules copy
I am working with lights and darks, highlights and lowlights, sometimes using 4 different colours to get it just right.
Yes, a little obssessed.

And what’s with the lips, right?!!!!
Well, that’s for another time, another story, another blog post.

And with Valentine’s Day this Thursday, I put together some mini canvases to celebrate Love, but the designs are mostly “anytime to say I Love You” designs.
hair_heart canvases copy
I was hoping to collect the cards on Saturday, but I feel the Printer won’t honour that deadline, so I will have a lovely GIVEAWAY on my Facebook page .

Enjoy your weekend!!
xx Giovanna


The Importance of Being Ten

I am a little odd sometimes. I like things “just so” and perhaps it’s my age (delighted to be turning 43 this year), or perhaps it’s that I have children and so in some parts of my reality I like to have complete control.

Like my Studio.

I was planning to do some canvases the other day, so I gathered all my tools and supplies. Only something was missing from the brush caddy. It took me a while but I finally realised that I didn’t have a SIZE 10 brush!

Oh the drama that ensued.

Frantically searching every Tote, every bag, every sink, every drawer because I KNEW I had one somewhere. I mean, c’mon, who DOESN’T have a SIZE 10 brush?

It’s like I was paralysed – I couldn’t work properly. Somewhat disturbing, yes? I have little patience for people who operate in this manner, and here was I, behaving like a right royal prat!

Perhaps the SIZE 10 brush dilemma was an excuse to not work that day? Hmmmmm.

Anyhoooo, at the next opportunity I toddled over to the Art Supply shop. Not only do I buy the Important Size 10 brush, but they had half price canvases with every brush purchased! And I pass my business card over to the sales assistant who is intrigued about my story of faceless people waiting to be born on canvas.


So the Moral of the Story is….well, actually there is no moral lesson to be had here. It’s just a lunatic woman on the fringe of Art-dom who was knee-capped by the absence of a Size 10 brush!!