123 Challenge plus Video

Hi all It’s that time of the month again (snort) where we challenge you in 3 ways over at 123 Challenge Okay, perhaps the “white space” component was a bit of a struggle for me LOL. Here are some detail shots And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory video. I am soContinue reading “123 Challenge plus Video”

Whose Art is it Anyway?

“What is Art?” I flounder between examples of what I regard as High Art (the kind found in Galleries) and the Art we make in the course of just living; the way a Mother gets all her children to school on time; the Father who juggles the responsibility to his workplace and to his family;Continue reading “Whose Art is it Anyway?”

too much too quickly

Yeah, I admit it …. in my desperate effort to get things moving the way I wanted them too, I completely forgot that other people (ie, you, dear followers) don’t think at the same speed as I do. *sigh* *change blog to wordpress (without much notice…lesson learned) *change name of blog (again, out of theContinue reading “too much too quickly”

A Brave New World

Hello and welcome!!! I have moved home once again. The first time was the physical move our family made in February; and now this second, brave move to a new blog home and format. I’M EXCITED!! So what do I have planned for you all? Firstly, you’ll notice tabs at the top to my Bio,Continue reading “A Brave New World”