The Winter of Our {Dis}content

In our little sub-tropical haven called Brisbane, we rarely feel “weather”. It’s either humid and hot and rainy or just a little less humid and hot and rainy. That’s why I love August! I get C-O-L-D and I love it. I layer clothing; I break out the flannies, the ugg boots, and the beenies. ButContinue reading “The Winter of Our {Dis}content”

To Market, To Market…

I’m gearing up for The Handmade Expo so the MadeIt shop will be in “holiday” mode from lunchtime Friday until about Tuesday. This will give me enough time to adjust stock items manually or remove items altogether. If you’re wanting to come say HOWDY, here’s the address Ipswich Turf Club TL Cooney Ave Ipswich 8amContinue reading “To Market, To Market…”

Studio and Spring

Despite nearing the end of school holidays here in Brisbane, I have managed to steal some moments in the Studio. Here are some In-Progress shots just to whet your appetite!! And this one I had shown earlier, has now been SOLD!! Yay. And Spring has arrived which means….. the Perpetual Salad Bowl has returned PineappleContinue reading “Studio and Spring”

Canvas Frenzy!

I know what you’re thinking. “What else is new, right?” RIGHT!! Just a teaser of what’s happening in the Studio!!! (told you they’d be a little bit sassy) REMEMBER…. I am still taking orders while working on Market canvases. Drop me a line at or call me 0414 619 992 to discuss what youContinue reading “Canvas Frenzy!”

Ode to the SIM card

You were old by Technorati standards, but to me you were but a child. The years we spent together were exciting and full of discovery. I learned things from you and I filled you with information. You were my lifeline during a very difficult time. The “unlimited text” feature was indispensible in communicating with others,Continue reading “Ode to the SIM card”

The Fallacy of Multi-Tasking

At some point, one needs to stop being the Jack-of-all-Trades and actually FOCUS on “something”. Yes, of course there is some common necessary multi-tasking scenarios – but here I’m talking about the Hard Core multi-taskers. Those who pride themselves on doing LOTS at ONCE. As I’m sitting here jotting this down (the old fashioned way),Continue reading “The Fallacy of Multi-Tasking”