GiSt Girls have a Home

Some people come into your life and they pop up later when you don’t think you need them, but you really really do.
That’s what life’s like for me and Anissa, owner of
We met so many years ago when we were both Scrapbookers. Anissa diverted into thread, yarn and felt, while I took the Art Journal/Mixed Media road. I didn’t think anymore of it until, by chance, I wandered into a new funky storefront in Paddington called Knitch.
It’s a delightful store with delightful, welcoming customers (yes, even the customers will have a chat with you). I was wanting to do a class with Mum to get her out of the house. The owner (who looked vaguely familiar) got me to sign up to her newsletter but when she saw my name, she (re-)introduced herself and it was as though the planets had aligned to put us back together again.
So after a few Block-a-long sessions and catching-up sessions, Anissa offered space in her shop to display my artwork.
And I am grateful.
To Anissa for opening up her walls for me and other local artists and artisans to display and sell their wares; and to Fate for giving me the courage to walk into a quaint store with yarn-bombed bicycles, chairs and utility boxes and finding an old friend beyond the door.
So now you can see my artwork anytime the store is open.
No waiting for markets.
No awkward feelings about coming into my home to see the art.
It’s there for anyone to see.
And it feels great.
I feel like part of the Knitch family.

The store is on Latrobe Tce, 2 doors up from the stalwart Bizzel’s Garage. You won’t be able to resist the gorgeous, yarn-bombed front fence.

And while I was there, Anissa offloaded a pile of vintage women’s magazines. Could barely contain my excitement!!!
Some are from the 1930s….oh, how could I possibly rip these beauties up?
Well I can, and I will hahaaaaa…..

Life is Good
Get creative – and messy – and out the door.
Winter is beautiful!

xx Giovanna


Footprints in the Sand

A lady approached me to create one of my 20by20 canvases, using warm colours and the popular “Footprints in the Sand” story as inspiration.
(Go HERE for a full account.)

While I prefer to work without boundaries, I really do love to step inside a customer’s heart and soul and bring that intention to life. This lady is very religious and caring and lovely and delightful.

After I finished the background, I sat for quite a while with the quote and scribed maybe a dozen sentiments. I needed to think about what that quote meant to her, how it has helped her in difficult times and why she holds that story close to her heart at all times.





And I think I chose the right one because she absolutely loved it.



Thank you Kerry for allowing me to create this beautiful piece for you and trusting me with your story.

xx Giovanna

Gelato brings Contentment

True story!

Contentment lies in a box of Gelatos….

my happiness sticks

my happiness sticks

It took me a long time to convince myself I needed some of these delicious sticks of pigment and I’m so glad I came to my senses…finally!

So I began to play
Cautiously at first.
Then bravely.

I got a not-so-subtle hint from my Bestie that a certain Writer’s Quote would look fantastic and be great inspiration for her novel.

by Dean Koontz - the quote that began the process

by Dean Koontz – the quote that began the process

Hmmm, surely she deserved more than one? Why not give her a great birthday present, and do a series!!
I backed myself to produce not only one canvas for her — but FOUR!
butterflies altered with ink and Big Brush Pitt Pens

butterflies altered with ink and Big Brush Pitt Pens

I played around with textures and mediums and gathered all kinds of junky ephemera, including some authentic writing nibs that another friend, Fiona, had found in her mother’s belongings after she had passed away. Fiona had given them to me because she knew I would put them to good use. I’m pleased to say Fi, they certainly have!
these are real vintage nibs!

these are real vintage nibs!

Then, bugger me, that old nemesis, “Doubt” came creeping back. I am not worthy, I am not worthy, I am not worthy. Yes, strangely Monty Python-esque and every bit as surreal. I let them sit there, unloved, naked in their uncolouredness (another new word), until the Gelatos came into my life.
composing embellishments before reaching for the glue gun

composing embellishments before reaching for the glue gun

Every bit as wonderful as the videos and social media chatter promised. I felt the acknowledgement as I rubbed and slicked and added all kinds of mediums to these beauties!


This is what I love doing.
Creating for Others.
Throwing caution to the wind and playing and enjoying myself.
Not abandoning the project when things aren’t turning out according to the Master Plan.
Celebrating when the trinkets and quotes and colours and textures begin to tell their own story.
Being the Finisher.

Kelly turning 46 (she doesn't mind me telling you so)

Kelly turning 46 (she doesn’t mind me telling you so)

So here is my Bestie, Kelly on her birthday (that was one berry delicious cake) and she couldn’t be happier with her gift.
“Love those vibrant colours! So me!! Ah! Pen nibs, ah! nuts, ah!……”
(that’s happiness right there!)

Looking forward to the next batch….what theme this time? who is my friend this time? what do they love? what would they like inspiration for? aspirations? celebrations?

20x20cm each - looking good!!

20x20cm each – looking good!!

Oh the mojo is flowing this time round, and it feels good.
So what do you love? What/Who is your favourite quote, author, poet, painter, philosopher? How do they inspire you into action?

Let me know by leaving a comment below. I love your company.
(yes, I’m learning to love this blog again….my blog)

If you’re ready to jump in and order one similar to Kelly’s gift, drop me a line at hello (at) giovannascott (dot) com and we can chat and chat and chat about what makes you happy.

Stay cool if you’re in Australia!
BE cool if you’re in Winter and think of me with beads of sweat as I write this post … yikes it’s humid!

xx Giovanna