The Excitement is unbearable….

Firstly, thanks to the lovely Tanya, Pauline, Michelle and Katie for completing my tag. Katie now has her own blog so I’ll be visiting that one too!! Now that Australia has won the Ashes, Michael has been busily doing all those “delightful” maintenance bits around the house. He’s very vocal about his mistakes but thankfullyContinue reading “The Excitement is unbearable….”

Belated Merry Christmas oh and my Birthday!!

Christmas came and went without a drama/disaster (which is a welcome change) but full of fun and frivolity (do people still use that word?? My Birthday was extremely low-key but also full-on. Birthday breakfast – FRENCH TOAST … YUM — presents and coffee (of course!) Mum and Dad took the boys (yes, BOTH) overnight whileContinue reading “Belated Merry Christmas oh and my Birthday!!”

Quick Update on all things Festive!

Wow, what a night!!! Had a fabulous dinner with the girlies Angela, Cara and Kelly (unfortunately V couldn’t come) and my sis Nena turned up just in time to go to The Zoo. Saw some great local talent (on stage, that is!!) and it was sooo unreal to be in a venue without being chokedContinue reading “Quick Update on all things Festive!”

Yay!! Up and Running…

Well, here we are and what a week it’s been. While I’ve been setting up this blog, Rainer’s decided to help himself to the pantry… I’ve posted the Christmas Cards and presents and made the tags for them.. and finished the layout from Alicia’s free online class as well as another for Scrapbook City (unfortunatelyContinue reading “Yay!! Up and Running…”