Guest Designer at……

THE CREATIVE TYPE!!!!  The theme this month is **MY NEST**.  So anyhoooo, began with some cardboard for the base, stripped it back to reveal the corrugation and panited it with loads of BRIGHT acrylics. Then layed some 7Gypsies tissue paper on the top. Another light dry-brushing of white acrylic just to highlight the corrugated cardboard.Continue reading “Guest Designer at……”

The best four-letter words…..

SOLD – yep, the old house is finally someone else’s!! JACK – gorgeous Spoodle we looked after for 2 nights. BEST MATE – these boys absolutely adore each other and his Mum and I just cry when we see the love! REDS – Super Rugby Champions!!!! The adrenalin in slowly wearing off. Things have beenContinue reading “The best four-letter words…..”

Holiday fun and creative goodness!!

It was Day 3 and it began with an early start and Rainer into another fresh batch of SCD Frozen Yoghurt *sigh*. He just loves that stuff. …and he spends most of the time at the freezer hoping to sneak in some while I’m not looking….yeh, right!! I decided to capitalise on the kids’ wonderfulContinue reading “Holiday fun and creative goodness!!”