2012: WORD UP!

Towards the end of each year I begin to plan the next. My birthday is 27th December and while others are nursing hangovers and distended bellies from Christmas, and perhaps planning seeing in the New Year, I’m huddled in my Cave, contemplating my life. Honestly, 2011 was so good and so horrible in so manyContinue reading “2012: WORD UP!”

How to still do what you love while on a family holiday.

Firstly, gather your basic supplies. It was daunting at the start. Too much stuff, not enough room, what if…what if…what if….. So I just decided what I “wanted” to do and then got the stuff to do it. ART JOURNALLING. Easy right? -glue stick -watercolour pencils (Francheville and Mont Marte woodless varieties) -aqua pen -oilContinue reading “How to still do what you love while on a family holiday.”

Ode to the SIM card

You were old by Technorati standards, but to me you were but a child. The years we spent together were exciting and full of discovery. I learned things from you and I filled you with information. You were my lifeline during a very difficult time. The “unlimited text” feature was indispensible in communicating with others,Continue reading “Ode to the SIM card”

The Fallacy of Multi-Tasking

At some point, one needs to stop being the Jack-of-all-Trades and actually FOCUS on “something”. Yes, of course there is some common necessary multi-tasking scenarios – but here I’m talking about the Hard Core multi-taskers. Those who pride themselves on doing LOTS at ONCE. As I’m sitting here jotting this down (the old fashioned way),Continue reading “The Fallacy of Multi-Tasking”