Whose Art is it Anyway?

“What is Art?” I flounder between examples of what I regard as High Art (the kind found in Galleries) and the Art we make in the course of just living; the way a Mother gets all her children to school on time; the Father who juggles the responsibility to his workplace and to his family;Continue reading “Whose Art is it Anyway?”

123 Challenge for August

Good Morning lovely crafties. Some of you are aware I’m on the Creative Team for 123 Challenge but this month I was a little slack with getting my August sample ready. I’m hoping this video will redeem me somewhat with Charmane and the rest of the Creative Team. Enjoy!!! 123 Challenge for August from GiovannaContinue reading “123 Challenge for August”

The Importance of Being Ten

I am a little odd sometimes. I like things “just so” and perhaps it’s my age (delighted to be turning 43 this year), or perhaps it’s that I have children and so in some parts of my reality I like to have complete control. Like my Studio. I was planning to do some canvases theContinue reading “The Importance of Being Ten”

Cure for your Giving Fatigue

Gosh it’s been a busy 2 weeks!!! Do you have “Giving Fatigue”? – feel like you just give and giVE AND GIVE??? How about getting something in return??? If my EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS list reaches 53 by 23th AUGUST, then 3 lucky people will get $10 off the price of the class. that’s a $30 gift from me!! If youContinue reading “Cure for your Giving Fatigue”

Announcement – canvas class!

After many nervous months (birthdays, computer probs, blah blah blah) I’m finally able to bring this class to you…with pride! Strength & Beauty Canvas Class is open NOW! No waiting for a big lead up date. Almost one whole hour of mixed media mayhem, divided into 3 easily-digestible sections.       All this for…..Continue reading “Announcement – canvas class!”

A Brave New World

Hello and welcome!!! I have moved home once again. The first time was the physical move our family made in February; and now this second, brave move to a new blog home and format. I’M EXCITED!! So what do I have planned for you all? Firstly, you’ll notice tabs at the top to my Bio,Continue reading “A Brave New World”