Listen with your Ears

Well, that’s what my Mum always says in her somewhat confused, broken English, Italian accented, slightly lilted, way. And so I did.

At my last Mt Maria Community Market (back in May…wow) I launched the prints of my delicious 20by20 series in floating frames. I was mightily proud that I’d ordered the frames, the board, the prints — like a REAL grown-up — and made it to market on time!

But I knew something wasn’t quite right.

Instead of sitting with that discomfort, I forged ahead and offered those babies up to the general public.

Everyone had positive things to say, picked them up, put them down, picked them up again, PUT THEM DOWN, and walked away.

It wasn’t until one woman quite matter-of-factly remarked that she either had really bad eyesight, or was the print very small and unclear that she couldn’t make out what the quote was?


I’d been so focused on the “getting to market” phase, that I forgot about the “checking it was legible” step. Felt like a right git. That lovely lady forced me to do some Proper Listening so the words connected with my brain and sent off some firing pins in the right direction (at least, that’s how I imagine my brain works).

With the market looming (this Saturday) I masterfully juggled supply teaching, the Festival of Birthdays (all 3 males over a 7wk period, plus our Anniversay) and various other Domestically Awesome events (kidding!!), to RE-PRINT and RE-LAUNCH these babies.





AFTER up-close

AFTER up-close

L-before; R-after

L-before; R-after

With many thanks to my Printer-Man (who is so very patient with me) and my friend Stuart who gave me a crash-course in Photoshop to make the quote the focus.

Hope to see some more of my online friends/stalkers/interested folk this Saturday.

Winter Market

Winter Market

And I’m sure I’ll see my regular, flesh-n-blood friends there as well.
It’s going to be a great day!

p.s. remember, to listen with your ears today…beautiful things will happen xx


Well, What Can I Tell You?

There has been much hatching of plans and big biz dreaming happening of late. The constant pull of ideas, matching wits with domestic responsibility makes for interesting spurts of energy in the studio.

I made a promise to myself a while ago that I would work in multiples, I would create for me and I would also create pieces that would be affordable and the general public would WANT to have in their home.

I’m pleased to say, that within the washing machine of ideas and plans, it’s coming to fruition in an unlikely way.

I knew that if I “just did the work” that I liked and got better at it (and practiced a lot of patience) then opportunities — good opportunities would come my way. I see a few artists really push themselves to become as successful and polished as someone who’s been doing it for much longer.
I also craved that at one stage.

Then I pulled back the reins and focused inward.

Sure, I could’ve chased opportunities and hounded a few key people, but I realised that’s not how you build relationships or grow as an artist.

Yes, I’m impatient.
Yes, I’m bullish at times.
Yes, I get it now.

So I’d rather focus on my (I hate to say it) “brand” or IDENTITY as an artist. I know who I am as an individual, but how does that relate to my art practise? That’s one thing, this brand/identity, that I don’t want to force. At the moment, I can’t step outside of myself and see what others see. You’re all probably screaming at the screen now, because no doubt, YOU can see it?

Yep. Haha!

I’m sitting in my second-favourite cafe right now, thinking about their logo, decor, “brand” and I like it. It’s probably why I love coming here so much. The music (Blues today), the eclectic mix in their decor, the owners are young, bearded and just so damn cool! It’s not fussy but scaled back enough to not be pretentious. And the food is great, the cappuccino isn’t overflowing with milk (#PetHate) and the service is terrific!

And I guess this is the vibe I want in my Brand (see what I did? I gave it a capital letter).

So… you had a good 5-10 minutes inside my head, here’s what came out of it recently.



Another fabulous day at the Mt Maria Community Markets.
With the help of a great friend, I learned how to get my images into these super-cute box frames and they were a talking-point!
On that note, I love talking to visitors.
They don’t even notice they’re giving me feedback on my product choices – because I’m good at extracting information from you without realising. (should’ve got a job at ASIO – became a high school teacher instead – same skill-set).

I’ve reached back into my top-loading washing machine and pulled out some wonderful things for you this year.

I can’t reveal yet. Yes, I’m teasing (which I typically don’t enjoy doing). Yes, it’ll be just for Brisbane-area peeps to get inside my head a little more intimately (have I dropped enough hints yet?) that also involves guinea pigs.

Oh, was that a red herring/pig?

Don’t be a stranger.
Leave a reply about how much psychiatric help I’ll need this year. At least you know I’ll reply, because I’m always up for a chat!!

Remember: I do sell my stuff online….
Red Bubble:

Remember: I do pimp myself out for commissioned work, like this one (in progress) …

Just drop me a line here or at for the Red Herring or the artwork.

Be good.
Be creative.
Be kind to yourself and others.


Looking Like Christmas

Good morning/afternoon/evening friendly peeps.

Well, today it seems Summer has arrived in Brisbane. We’re having hot, humid days and storms at night. Magic, really! Wouldn’t live anywhere else.
But everyone is gearing up for Christmas holidays. Our Year 12 students have finished their final exams -ever- and have descended onto the Gold Coast for the annual Schoolies Festival. I never got into that whole scene, but I hear some kids are ready to come home after 3 days….classic!

I’ve been a busy munchkin, preparing loads of goodies for your gift and card giving this Christmas.
Almost everything’s been entered into the Etsy Shop and ready to leave my Studio boxes!





The Ferny Hills Twilight Market was fantastic. It’s the perfect event for this part of the world…the weather cools rather than heats up. More market events should embrace the twilight concept, especially in the hotter months.

Thanks to all my friends who came, bought and lent some moral support. And to my new customers – thank you too. It’s much more edifying when strangers buy my bits & pieces (but don’t tell my friends that LOL).

What’s next on the agenda?
I’m heading back to where the ART all began for me – my High School!
Yep, Mt Maria is hosting a Community Market 30 November from 8am to midday.
Curious to know more? Go to their Facebook Event page for directions. They are on Osborne Rd, Mitchelton next to Brookside Shopping Centre. You can catch the train to Mitchelton and walk across the road or there are bus services that drop at Brookside. Would love to see you there and meet more online buddies!!!

Remember, my ETSY SHOP is up and running. More items will be added next week.

Much Love and Sunshine – Stay Cool