Work it…and re-work it…Baby!

I’ve had times when the art I create looks, well, just “okay”.
Whether it’s the balance of colour, composition or simply doesn’t make me smile.

Today I’m going to show you two canvases that I’ve re-worked that you can now find in my Made It Shop.

Here are the offending artworks.
challenge as an opportunity
road less travelled
They have been bugging me for over a year and with frustration and a tonne of courage I decided to do what many artists have done before, painted over it!!

Here they are re-worked Baby!

challenge as an opportunity
hows the serenity
I pulled the quote off entirely as it was all awkward and fumbly and didn’t “mean” anything to anyone. I added some stamping to the top left hand section which balanced the whole composition. The dark blue also added some much needed drama and excitement to the piece.
hows the serenity_hat

road less travelled
road less travelled12
I kept the quote for this one but again added some stamping to that vaccuum in the top left hand section. I chose a warmer red to match the cuffs and collar but also recoloured these to unify the image.
road less travelled_hat
road less travelled_leaves
(sorry for wonky pic sizes….getting used to WordPress’ new media gallery bits n pieces)

Both these originals can be found in my MadeIt store HERE, or click on the badge in the sidebar.

With some love and a cool change, I may get the scanner to co-operate in this super hot weather we’re having, and you’ll see these images in Red Bubble soon.

Much love

p.s. Thank you for all the lovely emails and comments, particularly on FaceBook regarding my Etzcetera Magazine feature. I’m still not sure it’s me in the mag…all a bit surreal, but happy to have had the opportunity and trust from some people I admire. Moving forward and moving Brilliantly!!!


Featured Artist – Etzcetera Magazine

You know those moments when you are doubting your path, ability and presence in the world (and the world feels TINY and SUFFOCATING)?

Then something happens….well, a series of little things happen…..that completely changes you.

You walk taller.
You sing louder.
You love more deeply.
You act more courageously.
fabric mono leaf

The world begins to make sense and your path is brightly lit and filled with your favourite colours and smells.

Those that love you, love you more.
Those that befriend you, become proud of your achievements.
Those that doubted you, well, maybe they begin to see your light too.
dec2011 176
That is ME this week.

I’m honoured to be a featured Artist in Kim Archer’s Etzetera Magazine;
I’m proud to be in the company of some seriously talented and inspiring women from Australia and overseas;
and I’m ready to take the next step along that colourful, smelly and brightly lit path I started paving 2 years ago.
To find out more about Kim and Etzetera Magazine, click HERE.
To purchase Issue 8 of Etzetera Magazine, click HERE.

Teaching full-time was FULL-ON….so had to shut-up-shop for that time.
Happy to say you can find all the goodies back in the Made-It Shop (link in sidebar), and of course everything is still on Red Bubble (link in sidebar) including the new Christmas card designs.
Look out for some really cool stuff coming your way soon!!

Much love
Giovanna xx

Case in Point


The School term has begun and it’s “so far, so good (enough)” LOL.

Here is my UPCYCLED pencil case I began on the holidays. Nothing is new, except for the zipper. I had no long zippers in my stash and all the clothes in the rag basket had teeny tiny ones.
So all up, this case cost me $1.55.

The red upholstery fabric is from Thea & Sami. I have a great stash of her scraps that I’m keen to get through.

The denim is from my old much-loved jeans.
The ribbon is from a gift topper that unravelled into about 4 metres of ribbon….SCORE!

The cute red buttons are from Craft Queen.

The fabric flower is Maya Road (scrapbooking stash) with the centre cut out and replaced with a semi-sparkly humungous button.

Here is where I got the inspiration from…

I discovered homesewn by chance but it’s no longer being published…

… and I promise to God, I would have watched a million videos on YouTube trying to remember how to sew a zipper into this thing!!!!

Now it makes me HAPPY and that’s the most important thing!

My head is swimming with names and faces and bells and routines and NOISE….omgosh, the noise! I’d forgotten how busy/crazy/noisy boys’ schools are. But I loves it {{happy face}}.
I am grateful for this chance to get back to Teaching, and in my neighbourhood (so close to home), while we need this!