Work it…and re-work it…Baby!

I’ve had times when the art I create looks, well, just “okay”. Whether it’s the balance of colour, composition or simply doesn’t make me smile. Today I’m going to show you two canvases that I’ve re-worked that you can now find in my Made It Shop. Here are the offending artworks. They have been buggingContinue reading “Work it…and re-work it…Baby!”

Featured Artist – Etzcetera Magazine

You know those moments when you are doubting your path, ability and presence in the world (and the world feels TINY and SUFFOCATING)? Then something happens….well, a series of little things happen…..that completely changes you. You walk taller. You sing louder. You love more deeply. You act more courageously. The world begins to make senseContinue reading “Featured Artist – Etzcetera Magazine”

Case in Point

Hurrah!!! The School term has begun and it’s “so far, so good (enough)” LOL. Here is my UPCYCLED pencil case I began on the holidays. Nothing is new, except for the zipper. I had no long zippers in my stash and all the clothes in the rag basket had teeny tiny ones. So all up,Continue reading “Case in Point”

Scrapbook Creations Farewell Edition

Issue 95 of Scrapbook Creations is now available and this is my final contribution as a Design Diva. In this issue I was given a STAMPING challenge and had some lovely wood-mounted stamps by Inkadinkadoo to play with along with K&Co papers which are a nice heavy weight; perfect for mixed media and other wetContinue reading “Scrapbook Creations Farewell Edition”

Magazine Madonnas

The humble mag is an endless source of inspiration. Kids use old mags to cut up and create wonderful collages. As we get older, we gather appealing images and words to create Mood Boards, something I’ve struggled with and never really embraced. Pinterest is the modern, digital version of this, I suppose. When my copyContinue reading “Magazine Madonnas”

Feature in Etz Magazine

This week I am super excited to be featured in Etzcetera Magazine’s newest feature, WIWORN (What I’m Working On Right Now). Here is the snippet that I shared of my latest artwork: And here is the completed artwork: This artwork gave me so much joy, from beginning to end. The intricate layering of the dressmaker’sContinue reading “Feature in Etz Magazine”