The Good Student – “Supplies Me”

This year is my year to be a “good student”. This year I promised to learn to draw….properly. Really, truly P.R.O.P.E.R.L.Y…. I’ve had an “art-crush” on Jane Davenport for a few years now, so when the planets aligned I signed up for her “Supplies Me” online workshop. Honestly, I didn’t hold out too much hopeContinue reading “The Good Student – “Supplies Me””

Dodgy Storage Ideas

So this idea comes from a need to be a wee bit more frugal and the fact that I am ALWAYS changing my mind about where things should be placed. The pencil tin (above) was quite simply one of those “goddamit” moments (as opposed to “ah-ha” moments) when I had so many tins from crushedContinue reading “Dodgy Storage Ideas”

Art Journal Play/Love

The background has been created by swiping, smearing and dabbing all the left-over paint from other projects onto this page. The title was cut from a magazine article (or was it an advert?) The sun was created using an old old Tupperware doiley shaped placemat that my friend Krissy & I found on an OpContinue reading “Art Journal Play/Love”

Small canvas love

I escaped my family for 4 days earlier this month and while there did all the art journaling you saw in the previous post, along with this canvas done in a class run by the delightfully gorgeous Lisa Pate ( I am tired of signing my name on works, so came up with this littleContinue reading “Small canvas love”