A.W.O.L. Explained!

Sometimes I use my Art to escape and while that can be a good thing most of the time and if you have a relatively normal life – there is absolutely no problem with that at all! However, I do NOT have a normal life. When the pressure builds I can generally cope, but sinceContinue reading “A.W.O.L. Explained!”

2012: WORD UP!

Towards the end of each year I begin to plan the next. My birthday is 27th December and while others are nursing hangovers and distended bellies from Christmas, and perhaps planning seeing in the New Year, I’m huddled in my Cave, contemplating my life. Honestly, 2011 was so good and so horrible in so manyContinue reading “2012: WORD UP!”

How to still do what you love while on a family holiday.

Firstly, gather your basic supplies. It was daunting at the start. Too much stuff, not enough room, what if…what if…what if….. So I just decided what I “wanted” to do and then got the stuff to do it. ART JOURNALLING. Easy right? -glue stick -watercolour pencils (Francheville and Mont Marte woodless varieties) -aqua pen -oilContinue reading “How to still do what you love while on a family holiday.”

How Strong are You?

Yesterday was a bad day. The day before was GREAT…I mean really really great. Thursday was hubby’s work Christmas Party and for once I really relaxed. Even did a kicking impersonation of Beyonce (gladly nothing on film…ahem) But Friday was a shocker. I’m clearly a little tired. I have one cranky Ranier who has been disciplined, and finallyContinue reading “How Strong are You?”

Studio and Spring

Despite nearing the end of school holidays here in Brisbane, I have managed to steal some moments in the Studio. Here are some In-Progress shots just to whet your appetite!! And this one I had shown earlier, has now been SOLD!! Yay. And Spring has arrived which means….. the Perpetual Salad Bowl has returned PineappleContinue reading “Studio and Spring”