Any House is a Home

Happy Saturday! Priorities have shifted recently and it prompted a lot of soul-searching and reflection. Here is one about our new house, family and Art-making. 18 months ago, we moved from our house of 15 years. It was a quaint little weatherboard, built in 1959 and definitely a testament to its time. Large bedrooms, smallContinue reading “Any House is a Home”

Park Life

Our 2 favourite parks. A morning jaunt with the whole family: An afternoon expending energy, just me and Rainer: (taken on iPhone) And I guess to most people, these pictures look completely normal and very uninteresting. Big-whoop, parents taking their 11 and 9 year olds to the park….blog-worthy? In my world……YES! If you’ve been followingContinue reading “Park Life”

The Winter of Our {Dis}content

In our little sub-tropical haven called Brisbane, we rarely feel “weather”. It’s either humid and hot and rainy or just a little less humid and hot and rainy. That’s why I love August! I get C-O-L-D and I love it. I layer clothing; I break out the flannies, the ugg boots, and the beenies. ButContinue reading “The Winter of Our {Dis}content”

Celebration Inspiration

The latest edition of Scrapbook Creations is out. Issue 93 is especially cool as my fellow Divas and I put together an entire library of ways to Celebrate your Life! Fairly apt considering we get caught up in daily nonsense and forget to be still and say “Hooray for Us”. Here is my little projectContinue reading “Celebration Inspiration”