Out and About

What I do when I'm not Arting..... Yep, pretty much what the rest of us mere mortals do over the course of a week or 2. Hence the importance of getting into my art supplies. Without it, there'd be no balance in my life. Everything is skewed to the needs of family which leaves precious … Continue reading Out and About


The Happiest Boy on Earth

a.k.a. Rainer met Postman PatYesterday (Wednesday) was a public holiday in Brisbane. It's EKKA time, and for the uninitiated, it's short for The Royal National Association (RNA) Exhibition. It's our Agricultural Show, when all the animals, farmers, cow cockies, silver spikers, wood choppers, cattle dogs, precision racing cars, fireworks, rides, showbags, dagwood dogs, stawberry ice-creams … Continue reading The Happiest Boy on Earth