Art Journal Courage | Melbourne

Last weekend I flew to Melbourne to be with some amazingly creative friends and learn a few things in person from the inimitable Dina Wakley.
To say it was a dream-come-true is an understatement and I possibly got a touch of “fan girl” fever meeting Dina. When I first began art journalling nearly 10 years ago, Dina’s blog was one of the first places I visited often. She had boys (like me), wasn’t afraid to spill some hometruths on her art journal (hello!), and was just so fearless and inspiring to watch, emulate and grow as an artist.
If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, let me give you some links here:

My gorgeous friend Melissa Millar hosted the event through her shop Artified ( and it was beyond a sell-out. So proud of you Mel.
I got to spend time with old scrapbooking friends who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and dabble in creative expression like mixed media and art journalling but also meet in person some people I had only known online.
I think it’s amazing when you meet some people in real life and you just click! It shows that your online nature is genuine (check!!).
I probably won’t share some photos as we got up to some truly hilarious things (as Mums do when they’re off-leash) – and we shared a room, so need I say more?

What I will share is a little of what I did that weekend. Some of it was going over territory I learned from her book “Art Journal Courage”, but I think most of you will agree, nothing quite replaces an actual workshop in the flesh.

Before I get to the art journalling, let me show you the new journal I bought to try out.
It’s only 10gsm lighter than Strathmore’s Mixed Media paper, you get the added bonus of tracing paper in between pages (which is great to stop pages sticking together – a common gripe in mixed media) and it was much cheaper.  The tag says “Drawing Paper” but it handled wet media really well….. lots and lots of wet media. I bought mine at Eckersley’s.

So here we go:

Honestly, I’d forgotten how liberating art journalling is. So I’ve vowed to get into it at least once a week to do warm ups or test out compositions or try out new supplies or just have FUN.

Thanks for stopping by.
xx Giovanna

cARTwheel collaborative | at Percolator Gallery

cARTwheel at Percolator2 001 (Sheet 1)

6pm 13 November 2015

Percolator Gallery
134 Latrobe Terrace Paddington 4064


11 – 15 November 2015
Wednesday to Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am – 4pm

Once again the lovely art collective I belong to are coming together to exhibit new works. It’s been 2 years and we’ve expanded and stretched our artistic muscles during that time to bring you our best works. Everyone is invited to the opening and our opening times give everyone enough time to drop in after working in the city. We’ll provide some light refreshments for the Opening Night celebrations and all artwork is available for you to purchase.

What’s unique about exhibiting at Percolator is that no matter what time you drop in, one of the Artists will be there to talk to you either about their artwork, or another’s. We’ve known each other for a long time now, and we support each other unconditionally. I really love these ladies!

Here’s a sneak of 2 of the types of artwork I’ll be offering. I’m still exploring this highly textured path which is giving me so many squeal-worthy moments.
I hope you can join us.


The Apron Project…and other beautiful things….

It seems a lifetime ago that I had something worthy of a showing. The never-ending balance between nurturing others and nurturing myself requires a 30hour day; there’s always something leftover that needs accomplishing.
Not to beat myself up over it though.
Those cloudy days are over!
I have some fabulous news.

We have re-jigged the living areas to suit our growing boys and their changing needs, so I am out of the Sunroom and have transplanted myself (not so successfully LOL) into the former formal dining room.

I was entirely tired of that blank white wall and so did that ^^^ – just to see if I could actually do it! Looks like I did. And now I get to look at something truly unique and mine and it inspires me to get creative. To look at its beauty each day is a privilege.

So, I get an email from my Art Is You superwoman, Sallianne McClelland who has put together a fundraiser for the Kuring-gai Women’s Shelter in Sydney. Very happy to be donating this art for The Apron Project.

Aprons from Australia and the USA are currently on display at St Ives Shopping Village in Sydney and they look fabulous all lined up.

For more information on the Gala Dinner and how to bid on some truly exceptional aprons, go to their website. If you’re in SYDNEY, please pitch in and support this amazing centre for women in crisis by attending the Gala, share on your wall and within your networks. Bids from outside Australia are welcome! All information on the website.


In other news…..

I’m working a term contract at my son’s school while someone takes some well-deserved Long Service Leave. 4 weeks down, 6 to go! It’s been great to talk proper academic smarty stuff with other teachers, and the kids aren’t too bad either. They’ve taken well to the interruption so I’ll share some of their sweetness in another post.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be marking drafts and getting prepped for talking smarts with the Year 12s on Monday.

Be good, be creative, be accepting.

xx Giovanna