123 Challenge for July + farewell

This is my last month as 123 Challenge Creative Team member, so here it is…… criteria are: colour=purple; word=my; technique=chevron I’ve been taking the 123 Challenges since 2007. Click HERE to see my very first 123 Challenge entry. The concept renewed my love of papercrafting back in the day when online forums were in theirContinue reading “123 Challenge for July + farewell”

123 Challenge for June

Welcome June!! Criteria this month is….. WORD = change; COLOUR = blue; TECHNIQUE = washi tape I began by covering the entire background in washi tape then layered lots of blues. The bird stencil I borrowed from a friend on retreat. Layed it thick with modeling paste and blue paint (or ink, can’t remember), thenContinue reading “123 Challenge for June”

123 Challenge for May

Happy May everyone! The weather has cooled considerably here in Brisbane but days are still nice and warm-ish. This time of year always reminds me of being pregnant; I had 2 Winter babes so the filtered sunlight makes me want to have day-naps and do some nesting….argh, the nesting syndrome. Anyhoo, back to some creativeContinue reading “123 Challenge for May”

123 Challenge for April

Hello again for another month of exciting challenges! The criteria for this month’s 123 Challenge is: colour=MINT, word=BELIEVE, technique=BEADS Okay….so you’re now asking, “Gi, where are the beads??!!!” Ahem, I took some creative licence with it this month for 2 reasons. Firstly, I put rocks on last month’s challenge, so putting actual beads on thisContinue reading “123 Challenge for April”

123 Challenge for March

It’s time to catch-up on this! Here’s the March challenge criteria: WORD – actually this time it’s the numerals 1 2 3 COLOUR – metallic blue TECHNIQUE – incorporate organic materials Many great prizes again this month and more fabulous examples from the diverse and talented Creative Team. ANY medium will be accepted as longContinue reading “123 Challenge for March”

Art Journal in an hour

I had my cranky pants on yesterday, you know, bit of this and bit of that…blah blah blah So I decided I needed to let the crankies out on a journal page and grabbed by latest prompt from A Year in the Life of an Art Journal. So I gathered all my fave sayings fromContinue reading “Art Journal in an hour”