cARTwheel collaborative | at Percolator Gallery

cARTwheel at Percolator2 001 (Sheet 1)

6pm 13 November 2015

Percolator Gallery
134 Latrobe Terrace Paddington 4064


11 – 15 November 2015
Wednesday to Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am – 4pm

Once again the lovely art collective I belong to are coming together to exhibit new works. It’s been 2 years and we’ve expanded and stretched our artistic muscles during that time to bring you our best works. Everyone is invited to the opening and our opening times give everyone enough time to drop in after working in the city. We’ll provide some light refreshments for the Opening Night celebrations and all artwork is available for you to purchase.

What’s unique about exhibiting at Percolator is that no matter what time you drop in, one of the Artists will be there to talk to you either about their artwork, or another’s. We’ve known each other for a long time now, and we support each other unconditionally. I really love these ladies!

Here’s a sneak of 2 of the types of artwork I’ll be offering. I’m still exploring this highly textured path which is giving me so many squeal-worthy moments.
I hope you can join us.


The Apron Project…and other beautiful things….

It seems a lifetime ago that I had something worthy of a showing. The never-ending balance between nurturing others and nurturing myself requires a 30hour day; there’s always something leftover that needs accomplishing.
Not to beat myself up over it though.
Those cloudy days are over!
I have some fabulous news.

We have re-jigged the living areas to suit our growing boys and their changing needs, so I am out of the Sunroom and have transplanted myself (not so successfully LOL) into the former formal dining room.

I was entirely tired of that blank white wall and so did that ^^^ – just to see if I could actually do it! Looks like I did. And now I get to look at something truly unique and mine and it inspires me to get creative. To look at its beauty each day is a privilege.

So, I get an email from my Art Is You superwoman, Sallianne McClelland who has put together a fundraiser for the Kuring-gai Women’s Shelter in Sydney. Very happy to be donating this art for The Apron Project.

Aprons from Australia and the USA are currently on display at St Ives Shopping Village in Sydney and they look fabulous all lined up.

For more information on the Gala Dinner and how to bid on some truly exceptional aprons, go to their website. If you’re in SYDNEY, please pitch in and support this amazing centre for women in crisis by attending the Gala, share on your wall and within your networks. Bids from outside Australia are welcome! All information on the website.


In other news…..

I’m working a term contract at my son’s school while someone takes some well-deserved Long Service Leave. 4 weeks down, 6 to go! It’s been great to talk proper academic smarty stuff with other teachers, and the kids aren’t too bad either. They’ve taken well to the interruption so I’ll share some of their sweetness in another post.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be marking drafts and getting prepped for talking smarts with the Year 12s on Monday.

Be good, be creative, be accepting.

xx Giovanna

Growing a Painting

A while back I decided to delete the Facebook app from my phone.
Best decision I’ve ever made!
I found myself with way more time to sit in a quiet headspace; less time getting caught up in other stuff; more time on Instagram hastagging my way around a truly inspiring art community; more time backing my own process

From working on my latest Inspiration Wednesday art journal page;
to building up layers and texture; and

getting to the point where I bring order to the chaos!

I didn’t think I was the person who played The Comparison Game too much, but when I was looking at artists way beyond where I was, well I guess it got me questioning a lot of things about what I was doing that really weren’t real!

Facebook gets a look in every couple of days, mostly to do friends things, events and private group stuff. The benefits are obvious to me. I have a new groove and I love it!

xx Giovanna

Art Play

I notice that when the boys are on holiday, I try to limit the amount of supplies to finish a project.

So I whipped up some quick pencil sketches



and a very unfinished art journal page (but I kinda like her expression)

As you can see I’m still just playing around and loosening up. So much activity with the boys over the holidays and I think I need some quiet space in my head to recharge. I really don’t care at this point that I’m simply copying a method. My head is chokkas and I’m pleased to just put paint to paper.

I sincerely hope everyone’s year has begun brilliantly.

xx Giovanna

Art Journal Warm Ups

With limited time while the boys are on holidays, I made myself work through some more exercises from Dina Wakley’s book “Art Journal Courage”.



Then extending a little further and using up all the backgrounds I made with the GelliPlate.

I’ve enjoyed the restricted process and am finding new ways to use different media. Oh, and I simply adore writing in Dina’s loopy/messy/scribbly fashion. You should try it, it’s very liberating!!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow when my oldest starts back at school and I can have control of my floors again (heehee). Thank God we don’t have carpet!

xx Giovanna

I.W. 2015

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday (to Me) and Happy New Year – in that order!

It’s true that I’m a Christmas Baby, or near enough, so we have this super duper roll-on that begins with the beginning of holidays for the kids,


into the Christmas period which we spent up in Cairns with the in-laws, spent almost everyday at the Lagoon because there’s not many places you can swim in FNQ in the Summer;


through my Birthday (I turned 46 – I knew you all wanted to know that – not ashamed, at all!); I bought myself a 1960’s Imperial typewriter and went to a day spa for a deluxe pedicure, treated myself to a vino bianco and finished my novel; hubby took me to our favourite Cairns Italian restaurant for dinner;


via New Year’s – we partied till about 10pm and I fell asleep after midnight,

and believe it or not, I have time to blog!

Because I have a few special things happening this year, but let’s begin with Inspiration Wednesday.

This was a free video series by Donna Downey that started about 4 years ago and has inspired many creatives to get their stuff out and use it and experiment with new stuff too. Donna took a I.W. break last year and the world was a little emptier.

Donna has decided to run I.W. again in 2015 in a fortnightly video format for a very small cost. So, how could I say no to that?!

First, I had to make my journal. Well, I have fabric, canvas, paper, etc and a sewing machine so why not use it.

IMG_2645 DSC_0023

Here’s the first prompt and I love it.

DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0026 DSC_0027

I chose Derivan Matisse Brilliant Alizarin and Dioxazine Purple as my opening spread colours. There was a RAINBOW to choose from but red and purple have always been with me in one shade or tint or other. It seemed fitting that these 2 would set the stage for the year to come.

The stencil I chose is from Chris Cozen’s Pod series (via Stencil Girl products). I thought it was appropriate for my intentions for this year; getting back to the core of things, approaching things with the end in mind, not getting distracted and keeping track of my mission for this year so I can achieve all my big goals. A pod, too, is nature’s little carry-all. It contains a family of seeds waiting to germinate. Some will thrive, others will try very hard to be manifest, but will perish. But that’s okay. That will be my symbol for 2015. (More on that next entry).

I have no idea what Donna’s other creative prompts will include but I’m grateful, for once, for the time delay. Last Wednesday the video was live at 9pm (Brisbane time). That gave me time to watch the video, gather all the supplies and set the work space for Thursday. I think this method will work out nicely!

It’s not too late to join in, so if you reckon this looks okay, CLICK HERE

I hope your holy break was a peaceful one, or at the very least you got some peace from it!

“Life is a long journey : the starting point is the fear , the end point is love.” (Paulo Coelho) [with thanks to my translator Laurel Shimer]

xx Giovanna