Aspire to Become

Another week into the “fulltime all the time” artist gig and the flow that comes with clarity is truly liberating. I’ve had the emotional and creative capacity to sit and create without the burden (yes, “burden”) and worry that usually accompanied my months of Job Sharing a teaching role.

Removing the financial and career safety-net, and needing to 100% back myself, has also actually improved my practice. I really thought I would waste a lot of time, but the reverse has happened. I’m spending more time creating, more time writing in my journal, more time exploring mediums and techniques, and incorporating them into my style. I’ve been more productive in the last 4 to 8 weeks than I was all those years when I thought I could only be an artist if I still had a teaching job.

For me, this has not been the case.

And it’s paid off already.

These 2 beauties will be in the Aspire Gallery’s Petite Pieces Competition from Wednesday 7 February to Saturday 24 February 2018!

Last year I was happy to have 2 pieces in their Foot Square Competition. I didn’t sell either, but the experience of working with the Aspire community was very positive. To see how much my technique has improved in that short time is heartwarming and encouraging, as an artist. I’m more confident, less worried, less anxious and more courageous.

My art journal has been ignored a little these weeks. The more confident I am with my art, the less I needed to “warm up” with the art journal. Only a few done in that time, but fun all the same.

If you’re local, I hope you can come to Aspire Gallery and check it all out. Loads of hugely talented artists from our area so there’s always something that will appeal. Hubby always takes my wallet from me so I don’t end up buying something (I tend to crush on a piece, badly). Check their website for opening times and the Official Opening Night on the 10th, when the winners will be announced:

‘Petite Pieces’ will run from 7 February – 24 February. Opening Hours are Wednesdays – Saturdays, 10:30am – 4:30pm. 
The Opening Night will be held on Saturday 10 February, 4:30 – 6:30pm.


xx Giovanna

Begin with the End in Mind

Well that’s what a very clever person once told me when it came to disciplining my boys, so I’m using that wisdom to begin 2018 where I hope to finish it…. writing, sharing and making.
Yes, making
and more of it.

November last year was a turning point for me. I decided to move away from taking contract teaching positions and return to supply work. While the last 6 years at the same college has been amazing for me intellectually, the grind and demands of planning, reporting, marking, meetings, and that extreme variable “the adolescent temperament”, finally took its toll. I said goodbye to my job-share arrangement of the last 2 years and had a heart-to-heart conversation with myself (and maybe the husband) about what I really wanted to do and where I wanted to be in 5 years.


Doing it, sharing it, exhibiting it, BEING IT.

I essentially removed the safety net of a regular income to work exclusively on my art practice. I have savings and I will be very strict with the monthly stipend I put in my business account to work off, and I will also have the earnings from supply teaching, but the only constant “work” I will be doing is the ART.

Begin with the End in Mind
We went on a family holiday last week and I took a very limited supply case:

A6 ring-bound journal 60pages
glue stick
small scissors
Winsor & Newton 12 half-pan watercolour set
Pens – uniball Insight 0.7 black waterproof; Brush Pen No.22 black; Posca pen, white 0.7mm
Pencils – General’s charcoal white and Scribe-All black (neither performed well); Staedtler Mars Lumograph 6B in black and graphite; Stabilo All graphite
Refillable Waterbrushes – fine, medium and flat
Washi Tape x 2


It all fit neatly in a regular pencil case (I made this one 6 years ago for teaching) and the waterbrushes made watercolouring super quick. I also brought along 2 magazines from my aging stash — Flow and Peppermint. The both have great pics and graphics that I could rip up and use in my collages.


Each day I squeezed out time from the beach to do a simple collage. It wasn’t as easy as I thought and I wanted to try new things with limited materials and limited time and see what happened. Some were good, and some…well, we call them “lessons”.

{For those who have followed me, I attempted this last year using a KikkiK 365 journal. It was going great until I hit those really flimsy pages with water media. I got frustrated and put it aside. Also, this time around, I’m NOT using a prompt list. I do find them more stressful than most people, so I’ll just be more random and playful.}

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my thoughts again this year, on a more regular basis, and with a little more purpose.

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Back to it as I have 2 group exhibitions to prepare for. Will post here if I am accepted into one or both with all the details (if you’re a Brisbane-and-surrounds local, these small group exhibitions are great).

Much love,


New Horizons – an Art Exhibition

Honoured to be involved in the Marist College Ashgrove “New Horizons” art show.


If you would like to come along, the first session is from 9am to 4pm and all artwork and photography is for sale. The evening session is a chance to meet some of the 25 artists involved. Dylan Jones, a talented and accomplished artist and Marist Old Boy, will give the Keynote. Dylan’s work and the work of all the artist is amazing so I highly recommend a viewing.

The Draney Theatre is located on the lower level of the College. If you access the College via Glenlyon Drive, the Theatre is at the top of the College driveway.

Hope to see you there. Please introduce yourself if you’ve been a follower for some time. I would love to meet you.

Foot Squared Exhibition

I am over the moon to announce that 2, TWO, of my entries have been accepted to Aspire Gallery’s Foot Squared Exhibition for 2017.


“Nelson” and “Verity” are currently 2 of my faves and while it was hard to part with them, I’m sure to be pleased if they find new homes to hang out in.

For the full catalogue and more information click HERE.

I’ve also added a couple more pieces to the SHOP page; one original and 2 that are available only as prints. You can email me for details on those —

Until next time…

She Might Drink of Space – a painting

After a very long break from blogging I’m getting back into the swing of things by filming more.

When I returned to work last year, time had been a huge issue. Some gorgeous soul suggested Hyperlapse and it’s embarrassingly quick and easy.

This study began on a prepared collage. I have a drawer full of these for when I have time and opportunity. One thing I have learned in all the courses I’ve taken, is to PREPARE. So when I can only do one thing, I collage a stack of these backgrounds.

For a look into how I work, here are the videos:

girl in progress hyperlapse from Giovanna Scott on Vimeo.

She Might Drink of Space part 2/2 from Giovanna Scott on Vimeo.

I really never quite know how each piece will turn out. This girl’s muted tones and wistful expression has captured my attention. I wondered often when exactly I should stop “messing” with her and am happy I stopped here.
drink of space copy copy

The finished piece is approximately 19x25cm on 320gsm watercolour paper and available for purchase by emailing me

Hope you enjoyed my return to blogging and creating!


Art Journal Courage | Melbourne

Last weekend I flew to Melbourne to be with some amazingly creative friends and learn a few things in person from the inimitable Dina Wakley.
To say it was a dream-come-true is an understatement and I possibly got a touch of “fan girl” fever meeting Dina. When I first began art journalling nearly 10 years ago, Dina’s blog was one of the first places I visited often. She had boys (like me), wasn’t afraid to spill some hometruths on her art journal (hello!), and was just so fearless and inspiring to watch, emulate and grow as an artist.
If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, let me give you some links here:

Art journaling, online classes, inspiration, and more.

My gorgeous friend Melissa Millar hosted the event through her shop Artified ( and it was beyond a sell-out. So proud of you Mel.
I got to spend time with old scrapbooking friends who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and dabble in creative expression like mixed media and art journalling but also meet in person some people I had only known online.
I think it’s amazing when you meet some people in real life and you just click! It shows that your online nature is genuine (check!!).
I probably won’t share some photos as we got up to some truly hilarious things (as Mums do when they’re off-leash) – and we shared a room, so need I say more?

What I will share is a little of what I did that weekend. Some of it was going over territory I learned from her book “Art Journal Courage”, but I think most of you will agree, nothing quite replaces an actual workshop in the flesh.

Before I get to the art journalling, let me show you the new journal I bought to try out.
It’s only 10gsm lighter than Strathmore’s Mixed Media paper, you get the added bonus of tracing paper in between pages (which is great to stop pages sticking together – a common gripe in mixed media) and it was much cheaper.  The tag says “Drawing Paper” but it handled wet media really well….. lots and lots of wet media. I bought mine at Eckersley’s.

So here we go:

Honestly, I’d forgotten how liberating art journalling is. So I’ve vowed to get into it at least once a week to do warm ups or test out compositions or try out new supplies or just have FUN.

Thanks for stopping by.
xx Giovanna