The Happiest Boy on Earth

a.k.a. Rainer met Postman Pat

Rainer and Pat (and helpful nymph)
Rainer and Pat (and helpful nymph)

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a public holiday in Brisbane. It’s EKKA time, and for the uninitiated, it’s short for The Royal National Association (RNA) Exhibition. It’s our Agricultural Show, when all the animals, farmers, cow cockies, silver spikers, wood choppers, cattle dogs, precision racing cars, fireworks, rides, showbags, dagwood dogs, stawberry ice-creams and all other manner of foodstuffs, descend on Brisbane for 10 days.

Instead of going to the Ekka this year, I noticed the smallest of mentions in the local rag about Postman Pat appearing at the local cinema. Knowing Rainer’s love of “Poison Hat” (or Postman Pat to the rest of us) we toddled over.


His smile was wide and long-lasting. He was cuddling Pat, jumping around in total rapture and even put Thunderbird 2 down!!! Yes, you heard me! He put T2 down for Pat!!

Thanks to Event Cinemas for organising the photo shoot. It was an awesome experience for Rainer and a great lesson for me. I *can* get to things on time. I *can* take him out without a bag full of treats, emergency nappies, etc. I *can* make the world take notice of his differences, but also show that he is just like any other kid who just L.O.V.E.S. Postman Pat!

But our adventure didn’t end there!

He took me down the escalator, into the shopping centre, walked down the path and straight into the ABC Shop. I swear this boy has a radar for these places.

So we bought Pat’s mail van, the Greendale Rocket (of course) and some figurines to complete the whole experience.

But wait, there’s more.

Look who he spied……
Can I tell you, Rainer’s never watched an episode of Sesame Street but he loves to play with Elmo when we’re visiting a friend’s house. He has NO IDEA where they belong in Television Land but they make him happy.

Which, yes, makes ME happy.
And they’re made by GUND, which is a bonus (worth the $$ I paid).

So there is your summary of the day that made the boy the happiest.
He was so content after his big shop, I was able to park him in a seat in a shoe store and try on quite a few pairs before deciding on these beauties.

Are you still here?
Well thanks for sticking to the end. I hope I write in a way that keeps you here and entertained and like you’re sitting right next to me, having a coffee and a chat.

Much love
xx Gi

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

9 thoughts on “The Happiest Boy on Earth

  1. It made me so happy to read that ! Yay for finding our kiddies favourite things and for new funky shoes!!

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