Fortune Favours the Brave

Happy Winter Folks!
And while the weather is cooling down outside, inside at Studio GiSt, things are hotting up and gaining momentum.

Last Friday night I attended the opening of Art & Design Precinct’s Fortune 500 group exhibition, because…..they selected 4 (yes, FOUR) of my artworks for their walls. See all the pretty pictures here:
Open until the 3rd July and they open 6 days (ex. Monday). It was a great night with hubby, 2 of my sisters and friends Janine and Peter coming along for moral support.
Seriously nervous and anxious about the whole process. What if it wasn’t good enough? What if I didn’t get them finished on time? What if What if What if….
However, with owners Michelle and Grant so supportive of newbies like me to the exhibition scene, and putting me on equal footing with more accomplished Artists in the area, it was all so so so good.

I was BRAVE and conquered all the self-doubt and “not-good-enoughs” and the imagined criticisms from invisible nobodies…and JUST DID IT.

I felt as though I had truly “arrived”.

Many fabulous works on display for sale – all 500×500 or less and all under $500. I have some favourites that were full of texture and intrigue, but there is something for all tastes.
But here are mine currently gracing their walls!!

copyright Giovanna Scott 2013
copyright Giovanna Scott 2013
copyright Giovanna Scott 2013
copyright Giovanna Scott 2013
copyright Giovanna Scott 2013
copyright Giovanna Scott 2013
copyright Giovanna Scott 2013
copyright Giovanna Scott 2013

Do Yourself a Favour…and get there!!

But that’s not all!!!

Not long after the Opening Night, I sealed the deal to teach art/mixedmedia workshops at The Scrap N Patch at Toowoomba.
Yeah!! Not taught for over a year (not including teenagers) but it was always in the plan to do a workshop this year, and I am so fortunate that Liz asked me to come to her store to run them.
Still in the testing/playing phase, which I always think is the BEST FUN EVER! I might just leave it at the FUN STAGE and leave you all wanting M.O.R.E…..

The first of these sensationally experimental and outrageously fun classes will be on Saturday 13th July at 9am and 2pm. More details to come, but in the meantime, here are some shots of the fun I’M having!!





Mark you calendar and tell your friends!! Places will be strictly limited to ensure maximum mooching time (this includes copious cups of char, chatting and drying time).
I hope that’s left you sufficiently inspired and excited for 2013.
Heaps more to come including 2 local markets at 2 great primary schools, so stay tuned for some interesting ways to purchase some unique GiSt goodness.

As always, available for commission work – something truly yours for a relative or friend or YOU!!
Contact me at gistcreative.aus [at] gmail [dot] com to get the ball rolling.

Remember to get messy this weekend, hug your loved ones and let me know you dropped by.

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

6 thoughts on “Fortune Favours the Brave

  1. Gorgeous works of art. Love the first one and last one! Good luck with the class, not that you will need it. You will be amazing. Take care xx

    1. Thanks Deb but you know I’m a stickler for perfection with this class. It won’t be perfect unless it’s perfect !! Thanks for your vote of confidence though xx

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