Free Technique Vid for Youuu

Happy New Week!

This month I set myself a target to share one new technique with you. I am now happy….nay, THRILLED, to offer for your viewing —

{Which, coincidentally is my ONE LITTLE WORD for 2013}

feb_ 033

feb_ 032

feb_ 031

feb_ 030

Here is the direct link to Vimeo
As with all “The GiSt of It” videos, you can view at anytime and even download to your computer to watch later!
Share with your friends and discover just how many uses this technique has for your creations.

I did forget to mention that the liquid I used to create the flower outlines, is actually 3D fabric paint. Because I’m an impatient minx, I had to blot it with paper towel and that’s how it became thicker and a little smudged/irregular.

BUUUTT, it’s glossy and completely waterproof!! BONUS!

XX Giovanna


  1. Hi Giovanna,
    A gorgeous art journal spread & a great video – entertaining, inspiring & very professional 🙂 I love using tissue/serviette paper in the background, haven’t quite used it in the same way as you did, loved the effect of the torn strips (& the look the grey background stamp created) – will definitely try it.

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