Ordering the Grandkids

There’s nothing more gratifying than fulfilling a request from a family member.

My Father-in-Law wanted something very special for the Mother-in-Law and so requested “that art that you do” (so cute) but incorporating the 4 grandkids. It needed to be special and unique but not too avante garde as they are both quite conservative and the finished piece needed to suit their decor but I wanted it to stand out as a feature.

Armed with only recent photos of my 2 boys plus my delightful nephew and niece, I spent a good part of 2012 searching for that one concept that would once and for all, cement my place as Favourite Daughter-in-Law (haha).

I came by chance upon the art of Danielle O’Brien (www.kiln.com.au) and saw a commission she’d completed where the brief was similar. The client wanted a canvas of each grandchild, but when put together, created one cohesive scene.

And so I had my concept.

grandkids_2 copy

grandkids_full copy

grandkids_j copy

grandkids_mfull copy

The separate canvases are 15x30cm each and work well together as one piece, or separately hanging in different parts of the house.

This concept would make a terrific gift to cement YOUR place as Favourite with the In-Laws. I can customise to your specifications, any number, any size, any colour, anywhere in the world.

Contact me via email gistcreative@optusnet.com.au or if you are in Australia you can call me on 0414 619 992 to chat around your ideas.

Anything is possible!

Giovanna xx

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