Feathery Wreath Merry Christmas

How about one more Christmas idea? If you have smallish kids, then this is another great, quick, slightly disposable decoration. Aside from the hot glue gun (which you or the most responsible adult in the house should operate), this is a beauty.

First head to your Spotlight store and grab a pack of coloured turkey feathers and one of peacock feathers. We found them in the MYO ugly hat section {{wink wink}}. Cut a quick cardboard ring and start layering and gluing in any kind of whismical, carefree way.
xmas wreath

And you are done! Seriously, you are done. I added some cheap, glittery star decorations to the bottom to simply spell it out to people who aren’t used to a Christmas wreath that has anything other than holly, pine cones or snow on it (despite the fact it is 39degC today! and 1million% humidity)
xmas wreath_close up

Our front door needs a serious make-over next year. The mission brown really does nothing for me, but hey…….how about that wreath!!!????!! All our visitor think it looks fabulous, so far.
xmas wreath_dble door

It’s survived a couple of storms which surprised me considering the cardboard base and the questionable colourfastness of the feathers. And of course, it has survived Rainer LOL. I’m grateful he hasn’t pulled the stars off it.
xmas wreath_rainer

I don’t want to sound cliche, but I do wish you, my patient visitor and reader, a very safe and happy Christmas. Be kind to yourself and others.
This year will be the first in a looooong time that I’ve been able to relax, prepare and enjoy Christmas Day. And as my birthday is coming up on the 27th, I’m hoping for some good times at the Boxing Day sales!!

xx Giovanna
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