We are NOT Weeping Angels!

angels_dr who
Sorry for the Dr Who reference, but stay with me and you’ll find out why.

So last year I picked up Issue 39 of ClothPaperScissors and found this great project for Recycled Christmas Angels that I just had to try.

Gather your helpers from the community for the first stage. I picked a random Mother-in-Law, MOther and BFF of Mother to get messy. Seriously, they chatted and laughed like school girls. It was so much fun to watch them work.

Then they had to “cure”. This is the Weeping Angels stage. It freaked hubby and Master 11 out for quite some time. I had to put them away LOL
angels_03stage 1


I found that thinner paper worked best. My first 2 were skirted with thick scrapbooking paper which looked great but nearly transported me to another dimension (Dr Who again). Use either cheap, thin scrapbooking paper or nice wrapping paper. You’ll thank me for it.
angels_05plain paper

So layer it up, making it interesting. In hindsight, I should have just draped the paper lengthways and then put the scalloped strips on afterwards.
angels_06paper close

Had to have all hair colours represented — sorry to the pink-haired ladies. Maybe next year!



Gathered the symbols that I made from Paper Clay and bought a highly recommended hot glue gun and went to work.

Here is the class of 2012 ready to be deposited into families’ homes.
angels_11final group




What I love about this design is the underneath. You can leave as is, or cut the bottom off and place a-top the Christmas Tree.

Thanks to the artist Erin Butson who designed these lovelies. Her blog is still full of wonderful outpourings and creative goodness. Tell her I sent you!!

Not quite sure how much time I’ll have in the next few weeks. Out-laws arriving, 2 separate Christmas lunches to host plus the much-anticipated “pop-ins-at-the-last-minute” folk.
Enjoy your Christmas. Relax, be kind and thoughtful. Nothing is worth speeding to, being selfish about or holding a grudge over.
Hug your loved ones – especially the ones you don’t quite love so much at the moment.
(Once the alcohol and euphoria have worn off, then you can try to be cranky again.)
After all, it’s CHRISTMAS….and He’s be proud of who you are right now.

Thanks for being a wonderful blog reader. I’m excited about 2013 and the things I’m planning.
I hope you are too.


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11 thoughts on “We are NOT Weeping Angels!

  1. Gigi… they are friggin’ AWESOME!!!!!!! Love them!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family… XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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