The Simple Christmas Tree

Happy Days everyone!

Thanks for stopping by today. It gets pretty busy/crazy this time of year so I appreciate your company today!!

We are in Wild & Wonderful mode. The kiddies are on a looong holiday break for Summer and we are gearing up for wild sub-tropical weather and wonderful Christmas celebrations.

Our little family are super excited this year, because we are finally able to really truly decorate our home. Rainer is over the need to completely destroy every pretty item which is a wonderful milestone in his behaviour and development.

However, I can’t stop trying new ways of making Saboteur-proof Christmas decorations.

Here is the latest offering…..
simple_tree front simple_tree side a simple_tree side b
I quickly grabbed a canvas with a background I had already prepared (handy, right?) and assembled some plain white patty cake cases and some colourful mini cases, secured with double-sided tape and totally totally Rainer-proof!

I got the idea from this fabulous little mag…..
simple_mag cover simple_mag page
and as you can see I adapted their idea based on the sunnier climate and what I already had on hand.

I’m sure you could try similar with some wrapping paper as a background secured onto a cardboard box. The possibilities for adaptation are endless really.
It’s a great project the whole family can do because there are no sharp or hot tools to deal with and the double-sided tape is clean and easy to remove once the 6th January comes around.

Love to see what everyone comes up with. Share this idea with friends who have similar challenges with their kids! (Don’t forget to credit “The Simple Things” mag.)
Link what you do in the comments section, or post a pic on my FaceBook page HERE.


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