Christmas I-Deer

After months of little creative activity, I found myself deep into an IDEA
(note: this may have been the result of procrastination).

That IDEA was Christmas.

Last year I released a nifty little online class to create a canvas to display over the Summer holidays. It was cute, it was different, it was Christmas!

The thing is, I had every intention of releasing another little step x step video so you could all make your own little nifty different artwork for the Christmas holidays. Alas, the Evil Ts (Technology and Time) conspired against me this year. I have a camera that is now inadequate for the Vimeo settings, which makes every video look grainy and second-rate.

But that negative energy was channelled into something more productive. I wanted to make amends. So I found myself on a roll with an IDEA.

I started with this Christmas card using scraps of bright Christmas colours.

I thought, “That’s a great IDEA for a card class.” So went about re-creating that IDEA into something more substantial, this time I recorded it.

But the upload to Vimeo was poor, very very very poor quality. But I still liked the IDEA.

So I thought, “How about a proper canvas class? No cards this year, just something for the home!”

Brilliant IDEA Gi. (Are you coping with my Internal Monologue?) And I produced this.

Again, the camera/upload/quality thing let me down. Gorgeous, isn’t she?

Unphased, I continued with more of the same paper but with a different IDEA. Delving into my untouched stash of old stinky book pages, I began ART JOURNALING … with a twist.

Very Dr Seuss-esque I thought.
I wanted to PLAY with this IDEA, and PLAY I did. (I wanted to write something more Seuss-rhymy but nothing came {insert sad face})

One of these designs will constitute the bulk of this year’s Christmas card-giving, determined only by my Care-Factor on any given day!

I want to make these designs available to everyone, so the easiest and bestest quality I can think of is through the RedBubble store (see link on the right). Order one or a few designs and give yourself a break this Christmas…..because, you see, I’ve done all the hard fun work for you!!!

Happy Days!!!
Will I see some of you on Saturday?
Come by and make my day!

(And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Red Bubble uploads coming very soon!!)



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